Make Your House A Home With These Tips

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It hasn’t been easy to think and dream big during the past year. Many of us require external stimuli to nourish our thoughts and spirit, and with the coronavirus pandemic keeping us inside more than we’d like, those stimuli have been difficult to come by. Indeed, we’ve learned many things from COVID-19, including the fact that we should make a greater effort to bring big ideas and thinking into our lives. We can’t always rely on the external world to do the job for us! The good news is that there are plenty of ways to expand your mind, even when you’re at home. 


In this blog, we’re going to look at some tried and tested tips that’ll get you thinking big from the comfort of your own property.


1. Books Galore


Books are your gateway to the whole world. Actually, they’re your gateway to the entire universe. If you’re one of those people that struggles to find time to read, then we’ll give this advice — buy as many books that you’re interested in reading as possible, and put them on your shelf in your living room. When you have a moment of boredom, you’ll pick up one of the books, rather than your smartphone. And if you read enough, your mind will blossom!


2. Conversational Seating


Most people have all their furniture pointing towards the television. Yet, while it’s true that television and movies can expand the mind (more on them later), there should also be plenty of space for conversation in your living room, too. If you have seating that’s conducive to conversation, then you’ll find that talks flow more naturally. And when that happens, there’ll be plenty of big thoughts and ideas that come out. Sometimes, all people need is a little guidance to think and talk in a grand way. 


3. On the Walls


What we’re surrounded by has a big impact on our thoughts and ideas. It’s like food. If you’re eating fast food, then you won’t feel good. If you’re eating fresh meals, then you will. So make sure that you have the equivalent of fresh food in your home. Works of art inspired by nature, such as lake art, is a great way to think bigger. And why not have some real nature in your home, too? Plants and flowers can do oh so much for our bodies and minds. 


4. Documentaries and Podcasts


It’s fun to watch those comedies and guilty-pleasure TV shows, but remember that there are many amazing and thought-provoking documentaries and podcast series that you can enjoy in your home, too. Watch or listen to one a day, and you’ll find that before too long you’re thinking in bigger ways. 


5. Reflective Spaces 


Finally, if you’re going to think big, then you need to have a space where you can, well, think. Is it possible that you could create a dedicated ‘reflecting space’ in your home? A cozy reading nook would do the trick, or you can look at putting together a beautiful outdoor space. 


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