Making Your Home A Festive Wonderland This Christmas

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 Now that December is just a few weeks away – many of us are starting that all too exciting countdown to Christmas once more. Christmas is a time for celebration; and when you are preparing for the festive season one of the most fun jobs to do is prepare your home.  

Decorating the house for the festive season is a fun challenge we take on every year, and today we want to talk about some of the steps you can take to make your house look amazing and ready for Christmas. 

  1. Create a roof display.

The first thing you can do to really make an impressive display at home this christmas is create a festive winter display. Before you start though, contact a trusted roofer in your area and make sure that your roof is secure and that it can cope with the decorations you want to add to the roof. Once done, it’s time to take a look at what you can put up there. 

If you have kids, the most magical thing you can do is to create a sleigh, Santa’s legs out of the chimney, and some light up reindeer standing proud. You can find all of these decorations online or in stores, and finish off your amazing display with some icicle lights that can hang down from your roof around the perimeter of the home. 

2. Create a woodland theme. 

One of the popular themes people choose for their Christmas home is a woodland theme. Fall and winter are both seasons that make us think about nature, and many of us associate animals such as deer and foxes with these seasons. You can lean into this idea by decorating your home with foxes, deer, badgers, and robins. There are some gorgeous tree decorations out there, and also pieces of art that will bring about a festive vibe in your home as well as being stylish! 

3. Red, red, red.

If you have kids or you like to keep things classic in the Christmas department, there is nothing better than bringing red into your space. Red is the colour of the Christmas spirit, and when this is contrasted with white decorations it can make your home look magical and like you have stepped into Santa’s grotto. Red goes with many other Christmas colours and schemes such as red and white, red green and gold, and even red purple and gold. There are countless ways to bring red into the home for the holidays such as stockings on the fireplace or tinsel on the tree- have fun with it and go wild! 

4. Create a snowy window scene. 

If you have a large bay window or a decent size windowsill to play with; one great idea for your festive display is a snowy winter window scene. What you will need for this is some snow spray, some string lights, and either some display houses or decals to stick on the window. Then, it’s just a case of adding your houses or decals in place, sticking your lights to make it look like the windows are lit up, and then finishing the scene with some lovely snow spray! 

5. Build your own miniature sleigh.

Crafty? Take the opportunity this christmas to make an old box into a festive Santa sleigh for your christmas display! A Santa sleigh is a simple craft to do and you’ll simply need scissors, cardboard, glue, and a lot of red paint! Be creative here and add your own little features to your sleigh, and once this is done you can create some cardboard gift boxes and use a piece of fabric to make a sack! This is a great festive craft and one that you can even get the kids involved with too! 

6. Go crazy with lights. 

Lights are the epitome of a festive display and if you want to make your home the most festive it can be, bringing lights into the space is always a great idea. There are many types of lights you can get such as traditional fairy lights and lanterns, colour changing bulbs, and even battery and solar powered lights! Bring your home to life from every corner with stunning lights and it will make your whole living space deep magical and festive. 

7. Wrap tinsel around the stairs. 

For a final flourish this Christmas, why not get some of your favorite colored tinsel and wrap it around your stairs for a festive display? There are some great tinsel colors out there and even tinsel that has leaves and other shapes within it. Make your staircase stand out and bring it to life this Christmas. 

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