Matisyahu Takes on The Majestic Ventura Theater


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In 2004, Matisyahu caught everyone’s attention with his reggae and alternative hip-hop infused single, “King Without a Crown.” Since then, he has continued to grace the music scene with tracks such as “One Day,” “Live Like a Warrior,” and “Sunshine.” This past June, Matisyahu released his fifth studio album, “Akeda” which The Huffington Post described as “pure roots music, with a little dancehall sprinkled in the mix” as it delivers a message of hope and inspiration.

At a concert held at the Majestic Ventura Theater on October 21, Matisyahu’s opening acts – Cisco Adler and Radical Something – pumped up the crowd with songs overflowing with beach vibes that were perfect for this small venue tucked away in Southern California. As Radical Something ended their set with the catchy single “Be Easy,” the crowd radiated with positive energy and high expectations for Matisyahu’s performance.

With a creative and experimental musician like Matisyahu, you can assume that you will always get an extraordinarily raw performance and we promise that he did not disappoint us one bit. When the curtains fell revealing a backdrop with an altered version of “Akeda,” the blended sounds of applause and the beginning strokes of “The Star on the Rise,” were riveting. As Matisyahu dove into his first song, the audience clung on to his lyrics about his journey to stardom. While some musicians rely on theatric gimmicks to win over the crowd, Matisyahu tugged at our heartstrings when he brought on his 3-year-old son, Menachem, to dance on stage.

As he sang his most recognizable song “King Without A Crown,” the ambience of the crowd shifted from restless to relaxed as everyone began to sway in unison belting out the lines “What’s this feeling? My love will rip a hole in the ceiling.” In performing a few of his songs off his “Akeda” album, Matisyahu demonstrates that playing it safe in the music business is never enough. Songs such as “Champion” and “Surrender” are cathartic and rich with empowerment. Overall, Matisyahu’s performance set the standard high for all musicians as he showcased his meaningful lyrics, his daring creativity and his humble demeanor.

You can catch Matisyahu on his Built to Survive Fall Tour with Cisco Adler and Radical Something until December!


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Photo by Rinda Sutrathada
Photo by Rinda Sutrathada

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