7 Ways To Meet People Worth Dating IRL

Apps like Tinder have changed the dating game so much. You don’t need to awkwardly hover near somebody in a bar, hoping that they will approach you, or make the first move only to get shot down straight away.

You have an endless stream of potential dates just waiting to match with you and they’ve already swiped right on you so you know that they’re at least a little bit interested. It takes a lot of the hassle out of dating and makes it a lot easier to meet people nearby, and people are going on more dates than ever. But there are some downsides to dating apps. 


First off, they’re not always the best place to look if you want a serious relationship. Even though there are some Tinder success stories out there, a large percentage of the people on there are just looking for hook-ups, not a relationship.

Some people aren’t even looking for that, they just like playing the game and getting a confidence boost when they match with somebody. The other big problem with having a lot of choice is that you get some pretty terrible guys alongside the ones that you actually want to go on a date with. You have to sort through all of the bad ones to find the few good ones that are actually serious about dating, and that can get exhausting. 


If you’ve been on dating apps for a long while and you’ve only had a handful of average dates that didn’t lead anywhere, it’s easy to get down on dating. People just think that this is the way it is now, and I’m never going to meet anybody. But before you decide to give up completely and buy a load of cats, you should consider doing it the old fashioned way. The idea of going out and meeting people in real life inspires fear in most of us, but it can be a much better way of finding people that you actually want to date. The problem is, we’ve forgotten how to approach somebody and strike up a conversation outside a dating app and the whole thing seems a bit too much like hard work. But once you get into the swing of it, it really isn’t that hard. These are some of the best ways to meet people if you are done with dating apps. 


1. Professional Dating Services 


Before there was Tinder, there were professional matchmaking services. They’re not as popular as they used to be because dating apps have taken over, but they’re still out there. You can give them a photo and some information about yourself and they’ll look through their files to find somebody that they think you will get along with well.

It’s more effective than dating apps because the match is based on things like hobbies and interests, values, and lifestyle, rather than a picture and a few lines of bio. The people that use dating services are interested in relationships, not hook-ups, so you’ll have more success than you would on Tinder. 


2. Chat Lines 

Chat lines are like the stepping stone between matchmaking services and dating apps. When you use chat lines, you’ll be put in touch with other people in the local area that are looking to meet people. When you message people on a dating app, they will send carefully crafted messages that probably don’t give a real picture of who they are.

It’s so easy to be fake over dating apps, but if you are talking to somebody on the phone, it’s a lot easier to get to know them properly and decide whether you are compatible. You can still use it for casual meetings if you want, but you can also use it for more serious dating as well. 


3. Meet Through Friends 


This is the most obvious way to meet new people. If you meet somebody through friends, you already know that they must be fairly normal and your friends can recommend people that they think you will be compatible with. This is still the number one way that people meet potential partners in the offline world and it works well, so why not ask your friends if they know anybody that they can set you up with?

It doesn’t have to be an awkward blind date, just get them to invite you both along to a social occasion and you can get to know them a bit. If things go well, you can set up a date. If they don’t go well, you never have to see them again.


4. Meet Through Family 


You might be a bit more cautious about this one and that’s understandable. If you’ve been single for a while, your family may already be trying to set you up with their friend’s children or somebody that lives down the road, and you probably don’t trust their judgment.

But you should cut them some slack because you have to remember that your family knows you better than anybody, so they might be better matchmakers than you realize. You aren’t guaranteed success, but you should give it a try. 


5. Meet At Work 


You spend a lot of time with the people that you work with so it’s no surprise that a lot of people meet this way, but you do have to be a bit careful. If you just go around the office asking people out on dates, it could make things a bit awkward. Instead, you should try to let a friendship develop first and then see if they want to spend time together outside work doing something casual. If a relationship develops naturally, that’s great, but don’t try to push it too much because you don’t want to make things awkward at work. 


6. Go To A Bar 

Even though dating apps are supposed to help you bypass the awkward meeting in a bar, a lot of people still meet their partners that way. When you go to a bar, everybody there is looking to socialize even if they don’t have the intention of meeting somebody for dating.

Going to a bar on your own isn’t always the best way but if you go out with a group of friends and you see somebody that you like the look of, you should approach them and strike up a conversation. It’s daunting at first but as long as you are confident and you don’t mind getting a few knockbacks, it’s a good way to meet people. When you meet people in the flesh, they can’t be misleading with their pictures either, which can be a big problem on dating apps. 


7. Join A Club 


If you’re going to date somebody, you want to make sure that you have a few things in common, at least. That’s why meeting people with similar hobbies is always a good idea. If you are interested in sports, join a club and see if you meet anybody that way. If you’re an avid reader, join a book club and see if there are any compatible people there.

If you can join clubs and organizations to do with your interests, you’ll meet a lot of like minded people and even if you don’t find anybody that you want to date, you’ll still meet new friends. 


People always think that dating is all done online these days but that isn’t true. There are still plenty of people out there that are meeting their partners the old fashioned way. It might seem daunting at first but if you step outside your comfort zone, you never know who you could meet. 



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