by Nora Artinian (@norasaidso)

Men’s Style Guide: Goodwin Smith

Gentlemen, it’s time to talk about fall and winter style. As you bundle up and prepare for the colder weather, there is one simple way to stay looking fresh: boots. A stylish and well-made boot can be the one thing you need to up your fashion game for the colder months. Not sure where to look for an affordable-yet-stylish men’s boot? Have no fear. We’ve been on the hunt for just such an item and have found a winner in a brand called Goodwin Smith.

Based out of the United Kingdom, Goodwin Smith has been crafting footwear since 1928. But while the brand’s construction is something your grandfather would be proud to wear, the style and image behind the company is much younger and faster. A quick visit to their site shows Goodwin Smith’s bold, suave tendencies as exhibited through their sexy, nightlife-esque pics and their tagline “Bucking Good Shoes Since 1928.” And after testing out a couple of their boots, we’ve found that they are just as well crafted as they are stylish with multiple looks.

We styled Goodwin Smith’s Cowpe Brown and the Hargreaves Black in a couple different looks. Both boots are well made and combine classic looks with a more modern flair. These boots are as manly as they are chic. And we really weren’t able to decide which one we liked more. We will be rocking Goodwin Smith boots throughout the colder months and into the spring. Head over to their website and check out these affordable boots along with the rest of the Goodwin Smith collection!

All photos by Nora Artinian (@norasaidso)

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