Image by Francesca Saraco

Miami Forever Baby!

As someone who used to live in Miami, I can attest to how unbelievably awesome it is. If your idea of a good time is sun, sea, and cocktails, then you are bound to be seduced by the beautiful and unique city of Miami, just like I was. I seriously love this place and pride myself on knowing some of the more secret places off the beaten track to enjoy. Luckily, as it’s you guys, I am willing to share and give you the lowdown on the highlights you do not want to miss. Keep reading to find out what they are.

How can you not get addicted to this gorgeous place?


1. Gigs.

Of course, as you know I love to check out the local music scene of any city that I’m visiting. Luckily, Miami has a thriving one, and there are plenty of choices to please all tastes.


Try the Ball & Chain in Little Havana for some fun Latin and jazz beats. Cocktail is two for between 4-7pm too at this infamous, historically mafia owned nightspot.


Then there is Gramps Bar and Music located in Wynwood. Don’t be put off by the name though, because there is a crowd of all ages and cultures that gather for the live and intimate music sets. It’s also air-conditioned, and they do a nice line in chilled beers as well. Something that makes it the perfect place to hang out in the heady Miami heat.


2. Miami Is So Instagrammable.


Now, I’m not saying that you can’t have a whale of time Instagramming pics from all the others locations in this guide. In fact, Miami is definitely one of the most photogenic cities you can visit. However, there are some particular highlights that make for the creme de la creme of Insta snaps.


The first location for this is the gritty abandoned Miami Marine Stadium. This is an old water sports stadium that has been left to its own devices. Now heavily graffitied it makes for a fabulous abandoned urban spaces kind of shot and is definitely worth a visit. Especially if you are into that post-apocalyptic meets the beach kind of vibe.  



The other activity that should be on your list Instagram list is to splash out on a boat hire and tour the bay. In fact, you can get Miami yacht charters for a fairly reasonable price, often with added bonuses or extra hours included. Something that means you will have plenty of time to snap that perfect Insta pic of you sunbathing with nothing but that clear blue sea surrounding you.


3. Just Chillllaxxxx.


You may know this already, but the climate in Miami is hot. I’m talking tropical monsoon hot, and that means you need to include lots of locations where you can chill and regain your strength when visiting.

One such location is The Kampong, a lush green and pleasant land with a decently Asian feel. It is perfect for relaxing, walking and exploring while the weather is warm.

Located on Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove, The Kampong contains a fascinating array of tropical fruit cultivars and flowering trees. 

Alternatively, if you would prefer to chill with an iced cocktail in your hand then why not head over to the Wood Tavern and sit on the deck outside? It’s a funky, bright, yet relaxed venue that is super hip and super Miami. Something that makes the perfect place to see and be seen, while chilling in this fine city.


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