5 Ways To Get Your Money Back For A Canceled Vacation

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, travel plans can change very quickly at any given moment, and it’s easy to find yourself out of pocket for a canceled trip. To keep from losing your much needed time off AND your money, read my tips below on getting your money back on a canceled trip. 



1. Always Check and Re-Check The Rules

The rules are shifting all the time in different countries, so keep a close eye on the rules for the destination you’re heading to. Make sure you are allowed to travel from your home country and find out if you will need a negative Covid-19 test or a period of self-isolation when you arrive. If you keep an eye on the rules, you can be prepared to make time to isolate or get a test if you need to and avoid any surprises. There are several news sites and Twitter feeds regularly updating these changes, as well as the Coronavirus rates in different countries. Keep a close eye on both. 


2. Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has always been important, but it’s more important than ever now. Buy travel insurance as soon as you book your trip to make sure you’re covered. Read the details carefully so you understand what you’re covered for. Make sure you’re covered for cancellations due to Coronavirus, including if you get ill yourself and are unable to travel. Check that you will be covered for the cost of medical assistance if you contract Covid-19 while you’re away. You also need to be covered for companies you have booked with going into administration. 


3. Read The T&Cs

Before you book anything, read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you can cancel or amend the trip without being charged. Package holidays usually have better options for this than trips where you have booked flights and hotels yourself. If you have gone down the DIY route, book a hotel that will let you change your booking up until the day of arrival without charging you. 


4. Pay On A Credit Card

Whether you’re booking flights or booking Seaworld San Antonio tickets, pay on a credit card. It’s typically way easier to get a refund on a credit card than a debit card. Credit card companies usually have insurance for just this kind of thing, and can often give you your money back without you having to fight to recover it from the company. 


5. Stand Your Ground

Many travel companies have been reluctant to offer cash refunds, in an attempt to avoid a cash flow problem with so many vacations canceled at the same time. They may offer you a change of dates, vouchers, or a credit note instead of a refund. Remember that you don’t have to accept this if this isn’t what you want. Stand your ground until you get the refund you are entitled to. 

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