Moving vs. Home Improvement

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There comes a time when you feel like your current home isn’t really meeting your needs anymore. Maybe it’s run down or just too small. 


What do you do? There are usually two options available. You either move to a new place, or you try and make your current home more suitable for your needs. But which is right for you? 

Option 1 – moving home

If you’ve outgrown your home, then life can start to feel cramped. Perhaps a small garden was great when you moved in but now you have kids, you want something different? 

Or perhaps the area isn’t suitable anymore and is more run down and less safe than it used to be. Maybe you are sick of the long commute to work or want to move to a district with better schools. 

These are all good reasons to pick a new place and call the removals company in. 

Even if your property is a good candidate to be improved and extended, these are big tasks and you might not have the time or the inclination to do them. Moving could be the easier option in this case.


Option 2 – improving your existing home

Many people love the area they live in but their property is just too small for their growing family. In this case, why not investigate renovating the property? You could look at building an extension, converting the attic or garage to give you the space you need. You could even consider digging out a basement if your property doesn’t already have one. 


Reconfiguring and redecorating your home could give it a whole new lease of life and make you fall in love with it again. These renovations can take time and cause a lot of upheavals but are ultimately worth it. It’s not just about adding extra rooms where you can either. Consult an architect and they’ll be able to show you the very best configuration for your home that will let you get the very best living experience from it. 


Sometimes, moving home isn’t an option. House prices are high, and you may not have the budget to buy a bigger property in an area that you like. There’s an old realtor’s saying ‘buy the worst house on the best street’. This means that it’s better to have a more run-down house in a nice area (that you can improve) than a beautiful house in a bad one. 


Improving and extending the floor-plan of your home can also bring with it a number of other benefits, including improving your property value. If and when you come to sell, or remortgage, then the improvements will be taken into account. 

Key points

It’s always a difficult decision when thinking about moving or extending. It boils down to a few key points such as your budget, the area you live in, and the potential for expansion in your existing property. Whatever you decide, you’ll end up with a property that’s right for you and your family. 

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