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Full Speed Ahead- How I Fell in Love With Google Wifi

This post is sponsored by Google Wifi. All opinions are my own.

Saying fast Wi-Fi is important to me is a bit of an understatement. As someone whose brand is based solely online, fast Wi-Fi is a necessity for me. I need to be connected at all times, on all of my devices. My professional world (as ridiculous as this may sound) revolves around Wi-Fi. So you can imagine my frustration two weeks ago when I was attempting to send a Power Point presentation to one of my consulting clients when the Wi-Fi suddenly slowed down. I’m not talking a little hiccup, I’m talking a complete halt. What normally should take no more than a few minutes to upload the document and send, was taking 20 minutes just to attach the file to the email thread. As panic started to set in, I realized why my Wi-Fi stopped working at it’s normal speed- my boyfriend was on a video conference call in the other room. Since I didn’t know how long his call would last and I needed to get the presentation to my client STAT, I grabbed my laptop and ran to the coffee shop two blocks away to use the Wi-Fi there. Needless to say the whole thing was a tad bit stressful. That’s why when I was approached about giving Google Wifi a try, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

The first thing I noticed about Google Wifi was how beautifully designed the points were. The all white sphere with the small G at the top is the definition of stunning minimalist design and it fits my home decor perfectly.

I downloaded the Google Wifi app (yes, it even has its own app), connected the first point to my modem and placed the other two points around the house. I was immediately shocked at how well it actually works! I even get great Wi-Fi in the bathroom and on the patio- the two places I was constantly losing service in.

I think what really makes Google Wifi awesome is the Google Wifi app. With the app you can set all kinds of parameters- you can see what devices are signed on, you can create a guest network for your friends and you can even pause the Wi-Fi during various times of day when you need a break from too much screen time. I’ve been pausing it when I’m trying to relax at the end of my night. It keeps me from incessantly trying to check my emails and Instagram account when I should be spending time with my boyfriend and my dogs.

Google Wifi is perfect for those of us who think of using the Internet as a way of life. Now I can binge-watch my Netflix shows while Face-timing my friends without missing a beat.

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