Nicolas Rivals’ La Linea Roja is Like a Dream

Parisian photographer Nicolas Rivals has a way of adding beauty to stunning landscapes and making it his own. Titled La Linea Roja, Nicholas traveled around Spain in search of different settings to insert neon-red geometric shapes. The end result is incredibly captivating. To learn more about Nicolas Rivals be sure to view his website here. La Linea Roja

La Linea Roja mysterious-red-lights-installations-in-spain-11 La Linea Roja mysterious-red-lights-installations-in-spain-1 mysterious-red-lights-installations-in-spain-3 La Linea Roja mysterious-red-lights-installations-in-spain-2 mysterious-red-lights-installations-in-spain-4 La Linea Roja La Linea Roja La Linea Roja

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