ON REPEAT: Alexa Lima – “Alexa Lima” EP

At noon today, Atlanta composer/producer, Alexa Lima, released her self-titled EP. Let’s just say we plan to keep this one on repeat in the office for quite a while. “Alexa Lima” is a raw, stripped down, single-piano compilation of eight tracks. From start to finish, this EP draws you in through a series of visual images painted with each note Lima plays. Evoking a wide range of emotions, “Alexa Lima” feels like the soundtrack to your life that you’ve always been missing. But what makes this EP different from typical, contemporary classical music is that you can feel dark, hook-like tendencies throughout the record. Nothing about this EP feels dated. This “Alexa Lima” EP is something special for the city-dwelling Millennials in 2015. It’s fresh. It’s timeless. And it’s below for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

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