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UR TRAVEL: What to Pack in Your Carry-On

The time spent on an airplane for a number of hours should be just as entertaining and comfortable as the trip itself. Here at TheUrbanRealist, we’ve prepared a list of what you should pack in your carry-on to make your flight experience the most enjoyable!

Created by TheUrbanRealist
Created by TheUrbanRealist

1. Cell phone – While it may be great to play Angry Birds or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood throughout your entire flight, remember to save enough battery for after you’ve exited the airport. Don’t forget any charging cords that you need as well!

2. ID’s/Credit Cards – These are a must! Make sure to place these items in safe keeping on your flight.

3. Mints – Keep a pack of breath mints on you – you never know who you may be chatting up on the plane!

4. Headphones – While some flights do offer headphones, it’s better to be safe with your own.

5. Passport – For all international travels, a passport is a must! *Take extra caution by scanning copies of your passport and other documents just in case.

6. Scarf – The scarf can double as a fashion statement and a light blanket if you’re cold.

7. Sunglasses – A pair of cute sunglasses are perfect for after you’ve exited the airport.

8. Snacks – Let’s be real – airport food can get expensive! Who really wants to pay $7 for a mediocre sandwich? Pack a few snacks before your flight and you won’t regret it later.

9. iPad/Laptop – Prepare for a long flight by downloading a few movies in advance.

10. Magazine/Book – Feel like you never have the time to read leisurely anymore? Take advantage of your time on the flight and read a book or flip through a magazine.

11 & 12.Pen and Notebook – Depending on where you’re going, you may want to document parts of your trip.

13. Hand sanitizer – There’s just something about airplanes that screams unsanitary to me.

14. Chapstick – Avoid chapped lips and have your favorite lip balm handy.

15. Camera – Of course you’ll need a camera to document your most precious memories!

16. Carry-on Bag – Choose a bag big enough to carry everything you need for your adventure!

 Did we miss anything? Share your thoughts below or tweet us @TheUrbanRealist!


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