Ways We Show Off Our Personality

Whether you believe it or not, you are, every day, showing off a part of yourself to anyone who’ll look or listen. You might think that you’re quite a quiet and unassuming person that likes to keep themselves to themselves, but you’re really just as much of an attention seeker as everyone else! Some like attention more than others, so you probably aren’t a real big show-off, but you still have that need for validation stored inside you somewhere! 


This might sound like a diss. You can rest assured, however, because that’s not what we’re getting at. The truth is that every single person on the planet has a natural and innate need to attract and impress others – even without realizing. While it’s quite an odd characteristic to possess in this day and age, it’s something that we’re stuck with! It all comes from thousands of years ago when our animalistic and primitive behavior was at its most prevalent. In order to attract, convince, and charm others, humans needed to be able to have a little bit of glitz, glamour, and appeal. 


If you weren’t aware of this kind of thing, then you might be getting a little more familiar with it now! Do you check yourself in the mirror before heading to somewhere important? Do you watch how you stand, who you look at, and the things you say when you’re in public? Of course you do. Obviously, manners are important, but one of the main reasons you behave this way is because you want to look good – or look to the required standard at the very least! 


There are hundreds of ways that people outwardly portray pieces of their persona to the world. Some of them are pretty straightforward, and some of them are intricate little actions and behaviors. If you’re quite the outgoing character and want to know more about how this all works, then you can literally spend hours looking into the human psychology and things like that – it’s a really interesting topic! As a confident character looking to tell the general public about themselves, you’ll be glad to know that pretty much everything you do gives off a clue about something you’re thinking or feeling, so you have ample opportunity to show yourself off. 


There are some simple ways you can let people know all about your personality. You’re probably doing a few right now as you read this post. If you’re interested; why not read and gain pick up a few little tidbits?       


Your Dress Sense


This one is a pretty obvious one, right? When you choose the clothing that you want to wear for an occasion, you’re basically telling people about what kind of person you are. You might have always thought that you were picking something that looked quite cool, and that made you more content. In actual fact, you’re clueing people into your personality. 


For instance, if you always elect for a black outfit, or something relatively ‘safe,’ then you’re traditionally going to be someone that doesn’t like the limelight. You may have bouts of confidence or cockiness, but on the whole, you’re not much of an attention-seeker. On the flip side, let’s say you like loud colors and flashy designs: what do you think that says about the inner workings of your brain? You guessed it: confidence and the ability to not care what others think! 


When it comes to the financial value of the clothes we choose, the money matters in terms of our psyche. If we spend a lot on clothes, it means we place a lot of importance on the way we look and the way we’re perceived by others. Clothing is more than just materials we keep on our bodies for warmth and decency!   


How Fresh You Look! 


In keeping with the theme of looking good, we also show ourselves off in terms of our hair, our skin, our smell, and that kind of thing. This is probably even more obvious than the last because our main reason for keeping this freshness is the benefit of others. Those that don’t keep themselves in good condition are probably more laid back and relaxed about life. 


Your Car 


Your car is more than just a big machine that gets you from A to B quicker than walking pace. It’s just another way we like to silently tell people exactly what’s happening in our minds. Much like with the clothes we wear, our cars can represent our personality. Sure, if you’re super-wealthy and have lots of disposable income, then you’re probably going to treat yourself to a nice, expensive motor. That’s not quite what we’re getting at, however. What we mean is that, again, if you have a modest-looking car with very little flashiness, then you’re probably someone that has very little knowledge on cars, needs a Guide To Car Buying, and will want to keep out of the spotlight. Isn’t a coincidence that a lot of loud and overly confident people are the ones with the bright cars that everyone can see from miles away?


Your Job 


What we do for a living isn’t always a tell-tale sign of what we think or believe, but it can have its giveaways. Yes, a lot of people out there have to find a job in order to earn an income and live a life. The type of job does give off slight indications, however. For instance, if you’ve been in quite a modest job for a while, and you’ve done quite well in it, then it can say a few things about you. It can tell people that you’re a loyal individual that sticks with those that gave you the opportunity. Conversely, it might also say that you don’t quite have the drive and cockiness to get out there and really kick on with your career. That’s quite a controversial example, but there are lots of different instances that you can look at. Think of someone you know and consider if they fit their position.  


Your House  


Your house might be the biggest way you show yourself off without saying a word. A home gets personalized so heavily, that you’re basically taking your entire thought process and throwing it onto the house! The top to bottom, your house absolutely represents everything you’re thinking and feeling. The exterior tells people how much you care about first impressions and overall judgment. The colors say a lot about your personality. The neatness shows people just how much you value order and organization on a deeper level. Your house is basically you if you transformed into four walls and a roof!  


Online Presence 


This is another obvious way people show off. It’s an obvious one because the likes of social media is a platform for people to tell people about the best things in their life. Hardly anyone wants to put their hardships on social media – it’s all about the achievements and victories! 


Not everyone flashes their cheesy grins on social media, however. Many like to be active, but behind a more modest (and almost anonymous) personality. You can still get a feel for someone like this, though – you just have to see how they behave. Words are powerful, and even if they’re not telling you about themselves, you can still understand them through their mannerisms and approach. 


Your Posture!


This is probably the most subtle of methods that a human being uses. This is because you can’t really help your posture unless you actively think about it at all times. Your posture is just the way you stand as you passively live life on autopilot. Okay, a lot of the time, posture is brought on by the way someone has been sat, stood, or led for years and years. It’s not solely based on the physical side, though. 


Those that stand with their chest out and shoulders back are often a lot more confident and charismatic. They don’t might being in social situations and have the conviction to go through with the things they attempt. Those on the opposite side of the spectrum often quietly cower away from things as they slouch down. Perhaps they have their hands in their pockets and their heads down quite often in an attempt to ‘hide’ themselves from situations. 



You’ve probably realized by now that pretty much everything we do has a deeper and more profound meaning than what it initially looks like. We’re an odd bunch of creatures, and we do love to tell others about ourselves. During this post, you’ve probably had a little think about the things you do every single day, and how it has a direct link to your personality. This kind of deep and scientific aspect of life is so very interesting and makes you think about what else our brains are doing behind our backs! Are there any more that YOU can think of? There’s probably a plethora of different things that someone you know uses to show off – you’ll probably be on the lookout from now on, huh? 


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