Photography by Annelie Vandendael

Photography that Embodies Youthfulness Shot by Annelie Vandendael

I discovered the work of Annelie Vandendael on iGNANT a few days ago, and I’ve been spellbound ever since. Annelie’s photography is full of fun and whimsy. Using a hasselbad analog camera, her images are full of vibrant youthfulness. Something about her photos leaves you with a sense of lightness and happiness.

Belgian-born and raised in the South of France, she received her Masters in Photography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Kask) in Ghent. After finishing her studies, she was invited to ‘La Fabrica’, the Benetton Communication and Research Center in Treviso, Italy. Annelie states “I depict the human being rather as a piece of nature than as an object. It is a reaction against examples of fashion photography in which the personality of the individual is irrelevant. Therefore I aim to let the authenticity of the body speak for itself. A manipulated body gives us a wrong perception of reality anyway.” View photography by Annelie Vandandael below.
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