6 Pitfalls to Avoid in a Lawsuit

No one ever expects to go through a personal injury. It is one of those things you hear about on TV and never think will apply to you, but when it does happen a lot of simple mistakes can be made. 


If you are about to go through a personal injury case this year, we have some quick advice about the simple mistakes you need to avoid through the process. 


1. Worrying about a jury. 


One of the reasons you might feel a little unsure about putting a claim through the courts is the idea of a jury sitting and watching your every move. However, it is not commonplace to have a jury in cases like these so you don’t need to worry about standing in front of a crowd. 


2. Assuming your lawyer is only thinking about you 


Although it is nice to think that a lawyer only has your issues on their mind, in reality, they probably have many clients to juggle and manage. As a result of this, they might not actually be thinking of your case all the time. Don’t be disappointed if a lawyer forgets a detail or two about your case, they have a lot of cases! 


3. Not asking a question


It is always better to ask 100 stupid questions than not ask a single one. When you go through a case such as this there will be things you don’t understand and you should always ask your lawyer for advice and explanations when you can. You need to be in the know about your case and what you are entitled to so make sure that you always think about this. 


4. Assuming it will be easy


Even if the evidence seems cut and dry, there are always complications and other factors that may lengthen a case. Don’t be shocked if a case goes on for longer than you first thought, this is purely to allow all facts to be gathered and the right decision to be made. 


5. Not taking evidence 


The worst thing you can do if you have an injury is to take no form of evidence at the scene. For example, if you are in a car accident you should get the registration and contact details for anyone else involved as well as a witness. You should also take plenty of photos of the cars as well as a video of the scene if you can. Take as much evidence as you can with you to court and this will ensure that you don’t lose out on what you deserve. 


6. Assuming all lawyers are equal 


The most crucial mistake you can make when you are heading to the small claims court is thinking that every lawyer will offer the same service, and every lawyer will be as skilled as the last. This is absolutely not the case and choosing the wrong lawyer could be make or break for your case. This is why you should think about researching and getting reviews for lawyers before you make a decision. 

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