Photo by Illia Cherednychenko

3 Places You Need To Visit in Kiev

Not sure where to travel in 2018? Well, I’m telling you now, Ukraine should be at the top of your list. This Eastern European country runs along the Black Sea coastline and is full of gorgeous views, beautiful churches and friendly people. 

If it’s your first time visiting Ukraine, the best place to start is with it’s capital city Kyiv. You can grab great flight deals at to, book an Airbnb and then you’re off! Here are 3 places to check out while in Kyiv: 

1. Lavra

Every capital has something it’s known for. For example, Paris has the Louvre and Washington D.C. has the White House. The same role for Kyiv is played by the Pechersk LavraThis monastery built in 1051 is stunning and massive. It is a legacy and religious memorial of the times of Kievan Rus. Besides, you won’t find any older shrine within the limits of the former Rus. Whether you’re religious or not you can’t help but appreciate the beautiful towers, versatile buildings, and caves with relics of saint people like Ilya Muromets, Skirgalia, Pope Clement I and others. Thousands of Orthodox pilgrims and tourist flock there year round. 


2. St. Sophia Cathedral.

Another gem you’ve got to check out in Kyiv is St. Sophia Cathedral. The cathedral is one of the city’s biggest landmarks. If you love breathtaking architecture from centuries ago, this you’ve got to check it out! The cathedral is placed in the central part of the capital city, so there is no need to cover miles to find it. Its architectural style is called Ukrainian baroque, which is characterized by a huge number of ancient frescoes and original mosaic images including the Virgin Orans – a famous depiction of the Mother of God.

St. Sophia Cathedral is the oldest church in Kyiv and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


3. Chernobyl National Museum.

As a rule, the name of Chernobyl raises fear in the vast majority of people in this part of the wrold. The accident happened in April 1986 shocked the entire globe and left Ukraine reeling. Nevertheless, after the lapse of more than 30 years, the tragedy is not forgotten. On the contrary, humanity learned the lesson that it must not be repeated in the future.

Chernobyl National Museum is a tribute to the memory of people who sacrificed their lives to conquer the terrible nuclear disaster back in 1986. The museum was opened in 1992. It consists of about 7,000 exhibits including declassified documents, photographs, maps and monuments of folk architecture that the museum expeditions managed to collect in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. In addition, one can see unique video materials that will help learn more about the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident and its aftermath.

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