Prepping Your Body and Mind for Developing a Great Workout Routine

It’s almost a new year, which means that one of the most popular resolutions is about to rear its head: the resolution about losing weight. Whether you want to tone up and shape your body or you want to torch the fat once and for all, you’re about to jump into a New Year to do it. For it to work for you, you need a plan for your body and one that you can stick to. There is no point in diving into cutting your calories down and booking for high intensity workouts at the gym if you’re not prepared.


Preparing your body to get into shape takes a little thought and a shopping list of the right food. You also need to consider your protein pre workout meal or drink to prepare your muscles for a new onslaught of stretching and tension that you’re about to put it through. You need to remember that you are about to seriously up your physical output and that’s going to take some getting used to. So to prepare your body properly, read our five ways to do it. 


1. Get Some Sleep.

Your body needs adequate rest if you plan to start working out. No more 1am bedtimes and getting up at 6am; your body will not cope under the stress and you will end up feeling horrific as a result. Sleep is going to make a huge difference to the way that you recover, and it’s going to help you to have enough energy for your workout. You can’t work out if you’re mentally exhausted!


2. Eat Better.

For your workout to be effective, you need to consider cleaning up your eating. I don’t like the phrase “eating clean” because it implies that some foods are “dirty”, and that has negative connotations that will prevent you from feeling motivated enough to consistently eat better in the first place. So, just plan to make simple changes. Instead of a burger and fries, consider swapping the fries for a side salad. It’s all about moderation! 


3. Consider using a Pre-Workout.

Whether it’s a chicken breast and a banana or a protein shake, you need to prepare your body with fuel before you work out. With the right protein, you can be more efficient in your work out and support your muscle repair at the same time.


4. Keep It Simple.

You don’t have to jump onto the weight rack in the gym and start lifting the heaviest weights around. Instead, you need to consider making sure that your workouts are simple ones for you to get used to. Starting small and building up to something big is going to help you and your workouts to eventually be as efficient as possible! Simple workouts can often have the best results!


5. Meditate.

Sometimes, you need to align your focus. Meditation can help you to do that, and you can workout better when you have learned to focus. Meditation can give you the focus that you need and it can help you to clear the noise from your mind, making your workouts effective.

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