4 Ways to Protect Your Wooden Furniture

Most homes have a lot of wooden furniture dotted around the place. The most common examples of this are chairs, tables, bookcases, and even beds. Obviously, wood can change over time and may deteriorate if it’s not correctly looked after. Loads of people end up throwing out wooden furniture way earlier than they should, all because they didn’t look after it. 

To avoid this, here are some tips to help you care for your wood furniture collection:

1. Avoid putting things on the surface.

Don’t damage the surface of your furniture with things like hot glasses or plates. This is such a frequent issue that too many of us are guilty of. The heat from bowls and cups will damage the wood – even a water ring will do some damage. It’s very simple to stop doing this: put down coasters and mats before you place things on the table. 

2. Don’t use regular cleaning products on the wood.

I’m sure you’ve got some sort of all-purpose cleaning spray in your house. Or, you may have some antibacterial wipes that claim to be suitable for all surfaces. Don’t use these things on wooden furniture as the chemicals can damage the wood. Instead, you should clean your furniture with a bit of water and a soft cloth. Always dry it straight away to prevent the water from soaking through. These days, you can get some specialist wood cleaning products as well. I’m in no position to recommend a specific brand; do your own research. 

3. Protect the wood.

It’s always a good idea to coat your wood in a polish or spray that protects it. Again, you can find lots of options online or at your local DIY store. Silicone oil is a good ingredient to look for as this provides a nice shiny finish to the wood while protecting it from damages. Strangely, aloe vera gel can also be used to protect your wood. Primarily, it stops termites from getting into the wood. Talk to a termite exterminator about this and they might be able to explain it in more detail. Basically, the aloe vera creates a barrier that termites just hate coming into contact with. 

4. Be careful where you place your furniture.

If possible, avoid putting wood furniture in direct sunlight for long periods. The light can change the color of your wood products and make them look old and weathered. Similarly, don’t put wood near a live fireplace. There’s an obvious reason for this – the furniture could catch fire if a stray spark flies out of the fireplace. There’s also a not-so-obvious reason; the heat from a fireplace can cause the wood to expand, leading to cracks forming. 


Wooden furniture is genuinely very beautiful. However, there’s no denying it requires more maintenance than other types of furniture. Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort when you see how gorgeous it looks in your home. Plus, I think we can agree that the maintenance tasks aren’t that difficult! All you have to do is follow the advice in this article to look after wood furniture.

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