Where Is the Best Place to Put a Mirror in Your Bedroom?

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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of channeling natural energy in space. The way things are placed in this space affects the user’s energy in either a positive or negative way. The bedroom is considered a sacred space in China, so the placement of items in this room becomes of great importance when decorating. 

Although there remains some debate regarding whether Feng Shui actually works, many people state it has been of great benefit in curing their physical or emotional ailments. Removing negative energy from the home comforts those suffering from depression and anxiety. Furthermore, individuals in the Eastern world consider it to be of great help in healing, and people in other countries wish to know more and try this decorating technique for themselves. 

Mirrors play a large role in a space’s energy. For this reason, people must take care when using mirrors in their decorating scheme. For example, they want to know what is the best place for a large standing mirror, and how should small mirrors be dispersed throughout a room to provide the maximum benefits? The following tips answer these questions and many more. 

1. Bedrooms and Mirrors

Many people find it difficult to position a mirror in their bedroom without some help. They want to ensure they can move around without bumping into the mirror. 

Most people find the best place for a mirror in their bedroom is away from the bed. Position the looking glass so it doesn’t face a window. By keeping the mirror away from the bed and exterior light, a person will find they have peace and sound sleep, according to Feng Shui principles. If the mirrors aren’t positioned correctly in a bedroom, they can cause numerous problems. 

Furthermore, avoid placing the mirror on the wall next to the bed or where you can see your reflection in the glass when you lie down to sleep. Doing so will bring a third person into your relationship, according to Feng Shui experts.

2. Avoid Light

The key thing to remember when placing a mirror in a bedroom is to ensure the looking glass won’t reflect light. For this reason, many people choose to place the mirror on the wall where the window is. However, don’t place the mirror so it faces the bed, as this can be disruptive to healthy sleep. 

The best way to avoid light is to place the mirror on the inside of a closet door. When the mirror isn’t in use, simply shut the door. When you do so, any concerns about the mirror in the bedroom are eliminated. 

3. Consider The Mirror’s Size

Individuals often want to know what Feng Shui says about the size of a mirror in a bedroom. To open up the space, experts suggest buying an oversized mirror for a small room. However, this technique may also be used to make a large room appear bigger than it is. 

Some men and women choose to use multiple mirrors to achieve this goal. Do what you feel most comfortable with, as it is your room and should reflect your tastes. Consider investing in a standing mirror so you can move it when you choose to redecorate without fear of damaging the walls. 

Mirror Shape

Additionally, a person should consider the shape of the mirror in their bedroom. Certain schools of Feng Shui believe a round or oval mirror placed in a bedroom serves as a symbol of the continuity of the relationship of those sleeping in the room. Furthermore, they say it helps with the room’s flow of chi. They say a mirror placed directly in front of a bed can lead to infidelity on the part of one or both partners. Likewise, nobody wants to wake up and be scared when they see their reflection in the mirror. Take this into consideration when choosing the size and shape of your next bedroom mirror. 

4. Placement of the Mirror in a Small Room

People often find it difficult to know where to put a mirror in a small bedroom. The corner serves as a good spot in this situation. This placement helps to create light and the appearance of a larger room. However, when doing so, ensure the mirror doesn’t face the bed or windows in the room, as placing it in either of these areas could lead to sleep disruptions. 

As previously mentioned, avoid placing a mirror above the bed, and never have the mirror facing other mirrors in the room. Keep in mind that glare can become an issue if a mirror faces a window. This is due to the placement of hanging mirrors on a wall. They sit much higher than their standing counterparts. Again, try to place the mirror beside the bed on a wall or on the wall where the windows in the room are located. 

5. Covering the Mirrors at Night

Some people choose to cover their mirrors at night. They feel leaving them exposed will interfere with sleep. The mirror creates positive energy in the bedroom, which can be disruptive to many. People interpret energy differently, so one person might find they must cover their mirrors while another will discover they can sleep if the glass is exposed.

Feng Shui experts, however, recommend covering the mirror to ensure a good night’s rest. This helps to explain why placing the mirror on a closet door is so beneficial. A person can simply close the door and not worry about the mirror and its impact on their sleep. Another good option is to place the mirror so it faces the bedroom door. Doing so allows you to see anyone entering the room. 

Don’t assume you will be cursed with negative energy if you don’t follow all of these tips. It’s not meant to scare you but to help solve problems you may currently have. Energy affects individuals differently, so what works for one person may not be appropriate for another. However, if you are ready to rearrange your room, incorporating Feng Shui principles can’t hurt. If they don’t help, you can always rearrange the room again.

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