3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wear Makeup to The Gym

I know I’m not the only one who has headed to the gym for a workout while still having her makeup on. If  you find yourself touching up or reapplying your lipstick or mascara in the changing room before you head out, you need to read this article. Whether it’s by accident or on purpose, you need to stop exercising with a full face of makeup on and here are three reasons why.


1. You’ll sweat it off anyway.

If you’re working out properly and building up a good sweat, all that contour and mascara is going to end up sliding down your face either way. So to avoid looking like the joker after ten minutes on the crosstrainer, you should take some time to remove the makeup in the locker room before heading into the gym. If you’re guilty of reapplying before you exercise, consider the fact that the Studio Fix Foundation you’re putting on is nearly $30 a bottle, and it’s going to be dripping all over the equipment instead of doing its job on your face.


2. Remember, Your skin needs time to breathe!

I used to wear my makeup all day everyday to the gym and all. The only time my skin got to breathe properly was at night when I would remember (which didn’t happen very often) to wash my face before bed. When you are sweating in the gym, your pores need to be able to work effectively, otherwise you will be likely to have breakouts galore. Remove your makeup with a good quality cleanser to allow your skin to do its job properly. Cleansing oil does not sink into your pores, which makes it ideal for makeup removal before exercise. The last thing you want is for your pores to be blocked, meaning that all the sweat and dirt of the workout gets trapped and risks your skin suffering from spots and breakouts.


3. Remember Who You’re Working Out For-You. 

This is less of a reason to remove your makeup, but a question for those who choose to re-apply. It’s important to remember that exercise is all about self-betterment and self-love. If you are reapplying makeup before you exercise, you need to ask yourself why. If it is because you feel insecure and don’t want to be seen without makeup, don’t worry. Learning to love yourself without makeup can be difficult, but trust me, it can be done. You’re a gorgeous badass in all your glory, working on being the best version of yourself! Either way, you’d be surprised how many people are more impressed seeing someone put their all into a workout than they are to see someone walking around looking amazing and not trying hard.

There you have it, three reasons why you definitely shouldn’t be wearing makeup to the gym. Focusing on being happy and healthy! Trust me, your skin and bank account will thank you for it.


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