Things You Can Do To Refresh The Kitchen, Without Losing Your Deposit

The Kitchen Needs Help, But What About Your Deposit?

Remodeling and renovation are generally not an area of specialty tenants handle for landlords. However, it can be necessary for some rental situations. Also, you may incidentally bring your landlord value in a way that’s cheaper than should he handle the issue himself. Accordingly, if you’re a solid enough tenant, you may have some leeway.

For example, if you pay your rent on time, keep the premises clean, and can demonstrate yourself somewhat handy, you might be able to make a special arrangement where you get to skip rent for a month or two provided the outcome is satisfactory to the landlord. If you foot the bill for the renovation work, and the landlord likes it, this could be a win-win all around.

However, such scenarios are very rare; it’s the kind of deal you would almost have to start working on from the moment you applied to rent. It would have to be a non-traditional situation where you had a level of rapport with the landlord. What’s more realistic is doing a few minor renovations which don’t ultimately change any interior architecture.

Today we’re going to cover several suggestions in regards to such non-invasive renovation. Just because you aren’t tearing something out and putting something in doesn’t mean you can reinvigorate how comfortable space is.


1. Changing The Faucet, Adding A Tile Backsplash

Be sure you turn off the water before you remove the faucet and tap handles, and be careful you hook up the hot and cold water correctly—it’s a big inconvenience if you get it backward, and that’s easier than you may expect. A tile backsplash can be installed behind the sink; you can use cost-effective tiles in a variety of colors a foot or two high, and it will do wonders.


2. Foliage And Lighting Make A Huge Difference

Kitchens should have a “life” to them. They should feel “livable”. A lot of what makes them less than comfortable has to do with a lack of proper lighting. Either there’s too much and things feel like some sort of corporate sales floor, or things are too dark and space isn’t inviting. Get your lighting figured out; you might replace a few lamps here and there.

Also, look at the sort of foliage options you have in your area. Is there a Home Depot where you could buy a few house plants? These can reinvigorate a space and such plants can be taken with you when you leave. Provided you put a dish beneath the potting soil, you won’t have any mess that would lose you your deposit.


3. Cabinetry—More Invasive Than Some Renovation, But Doable

This one can be a little bit tricky, but if you expand the value of the unit in a way that can command higher rent, you don’t do any damage, and you clear everything with your landlord first, you might be able to add some new kitchen cabinets. These are a big shift that is relatively straightforward and tends to do a lot for any kitchen.

4. A New Paint Job

The landlord is going to have to repaint the kitchen eventually anyway. Provided you approve whatever color scheme you’re thinking, repainting the kitchen can be a fine and cost-effective way of breathing new life into the room. But you will get in trouble, likely if you don’t approve such a move with whoever owns the property initially.

It goes without saying that if you truly want to assure your deposit on the unit you’re renting remains safe, you’ll want to clear any in-depth renovations with the landlord. Little things won’t be a big issue; but since you don’t own the property, the prospect of incidental damages represents a notable risk to the landlord, which will likely make them cautious.

Whatever you do, in this situation it’s better to ask permission than forgiveness. That being said, a new paint job, new cabinets, lighting, foliage, adding a backsplash, and changing fixtures like faucets can do much for your kitchen’s aesthetic cost-effectively. Most of these won’t lose your deposit, but make sure you get approval before making any big changes.

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