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RELAX! 3 Steps on How to Recycle Your Anger

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RELAX! 3 Steps on How to Recycle Your Anger

Written by Taqwetta Crawley


The beauty of recycling- it gives a great new use to the garbage in our lives.  It reprocesses, converts and reclaims. This should be the motto for our lives and should be the all-around goal for getting rid of the bad to make it new.
Have you ever noticed that when you are happy and excited, you approach your decisions and daily tasks in such a way, that you are content with the outcome?  When you are in love, all that you do is in respect to that love and that individual. So, why do we convince ourselves that the anger we hold on to, in no way affects our perception and decision-making? Just like every other emotion, anger is a powerful, guiding force. It distorts our ability to clearly see any situation, for its true existence. This anger inside of us, dictates our words, our responses, our interpretations, our patience and every relationship we hold dear.  Yet, we repudiate these effects because we are unwilling to let go of the anger, for fear that it requires forgiveness for the source of the pain.  Why do we fear forgiving? Does it downplay the pain and diminish the weight of our suffering?  Forgiveness is often viewed as the enemy, due to our belief that it communicates; we have accepted the cause of our pain.  Therefore, we are willing to hold on tight, because it shows the polar opposite to that appearance.

Everything in existence has a positive and negative source. With that being said, is it possible that anger- the negative source, can be recycled and become a positive force, with positive effects?  Let us examine how to accomplish this:

Step 1: Self-Evaluation
Being honest with ourselves and how the anger has changed our lives. We must realize that anger is manufactured, not organic. A feeling we choose to harbor.  So, just as we decide to feel it, we can decide to let it go.

Step 2: Release and Forgive
Release the cause of the pain- it cannot be undone or even altered.  Forgiveness is the key to that release, as it locks our ability to have a sense of clarity.  Forgiveness does not mean acceptance of what was done; it is merely permission for us to move on and grow.  Our anger can never be completely removed, if forgiveness has not taken place.  Be willing to say “I am moving past that moment. I am going to forgive and let it go.

Step 3: Acceptance of Now
Setting out on a journey, with clear direction for the road we want to travel is important.  However, if at the end of every mile, we turn back to the roughest part of the terrain, we will never arrive to our destination. We must embrace our present point in life, own our future, while accepting our past for what is was to us; a training tool. With acceptance, it becomes a source of strength for the next uphill battle.

Adopting these steps, and making the best effort to exercise them, will bring results.  A positive result is not born from negative thinking. So it is essential to approach this process with confidence and remain dedicated to the end result, of turning the garbage into a source of beauty.

Recycle the anger, by reprocessing its role, converting its purpose, and reclaiming it as a new tool in our lives.

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