On Repeat: James Blake “The Colour In Anything”

James Blake released The Colour in Anything on May 6th and it’s his best work to date. Music today has become so watered down with commercialized redundant sounds; it’s refreshing to hear a collection of work that can easily be referred to as art, real music—a timeless piece. The Colour in Anything is a beautiful transcendence of love, pain and loneliness— somehow these sentiments become one as you move through each record—bringing listeners to the depths of themselves. Songs like Radio Silence feeds ears and fills hearts with the longing for lost love. Two Men Down a juxtaposed switch to the smooth soft acoustics of the rest of the album tells a story of a jealous lover. All are moments his fans empathize with, and it is this transparency that makes the album a favorite among many—topping the iTunes charts at #5 by the 2nd day of release.

In addition, fans aren’t surprised to know that Frank Ocean contributed to this enticing portfolio of music— writing on the track, My Willing Heart. So the emotional authority of this album is heavy, as many know, both artists are sentimental powerhouses. And Blake’s voice is an accent to this notion— an entity itself— his vocals ring soulful tunes with an eclectic backdrop of tailored-classic instruments. The album takes you through an emotional high, trips of wonder and relatable tales of empty seclusion. We are in love with this album, if you haven’t already take a listen. You can hear the whole album on Spotify and Apple Music.

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