retro vegas - six places to see in las vegas

Retro Vegas: Six Places You Have to See

Vegas has a little bit of everything, but most of the time you don’t hear about it.  You’ll find plenty of posts describing all the luxury place you can go too, but what is often missing is the kitsch, retro hangouts that make for a fantastic ambiance as well as some pretty impressive Instagram pics. Luckily, I have found six of the best, and you can read all about them in my post below. Welcome to Retro Vegas. 

1. Old Town Vegas

If you are looking for retro charm then the old town in Vegas, as opposed to the strip is the place you should start. In fact, there are a plethora of old school places here including the famous Golden Nugget and Flamingo hotels and casinos. Locations that you will find hark back to the older days of Vegas with huge kitsch Neon signs, and a more 1960’s vibe inside as well.

In particular, the Flamingo makes a great place to stop and get some pics for social media, especially with its neon pinks signs and spectacular entrance ways!

The Fremont Street Experience is also worth paying a visit to, as there you will find more neon signs, live entertainment and even a zip line that you can try out as well.

2. Little White Wedding Chapel

Next, if you want to really get into the retro kitsch Vegas vibe, there’s one place that you cannot miss. This places in the Little White Wedding Chapel. Here you can drop in to tie the knot in an opulent room lined with red velvet sofas and a hand-painted fresco, as long as you have picked up your marriage license first that it.  You can even have Elvis officiate of you so choose, or just visit to soak up the atmosphere.

3. SkinnyFATS

Another top retro location you should definitely check out when visiting Vegas is Skinnyfats restaurant.

This is because it’s there that you can enjoy a retro style environment, and treat yourself to some kitsch style eats as well. In particular, the chicken and waffles dish known as Chicka-Wafa-Dopolis is worth sampling, and the burgers and tacos are pretty tasty as well.

In fact, if you have had one too many cocktails the night before Skinnyfats is the places to indulge in some hangover curing breakfast foods. The best thing is that as they do breakfast all day, it doesn’t even matter what time you end up dragging yourself out of bed!

4. Circus Circus Midway

Possible the most retro and kitsch of all places in Vegas, and trust me that is a high honor indeed is the Circus Circus Casino and Hotel. In fact, from the impressive front entrance with the hotel name emblazoned in lights, to the free big top shows that run daily, this is a pretty awesome place.

In particular, be sure not to miss the Midway where you will find old school games and attractions including grabbing claw machines, carousels, and games of chance, suitable for kids and adults alike. There is even a small theme park there, complete with roller coasters and other rides that you can explore too.

5. Caesars Palace

Another retro draw in Vegas is the legendary Caesars places, after all, you can get more kitsch than an entire hotel decorated in ancient Roman Style, complete with columns and gold accents.

This place is also a great location to see one of Vegas’s retro shows Absinthe, as well which is adult-only cabaret and burlesque experience. You can even book your Las Vegas show tickets for this production and many others before you arrive for your stay. Something that means you can be sure that you will get to see the show of your choice, no matter how popular it is.

6. The Encore

Finally, if you are looking for a place that’s is kitsch and retro, and that has a little bit of magic thrown in, there is one location that you need to visit, and it’s the Encore hotel on the north end of the strip.

In fact, the hotel itself is very modern, but what you will find that on the lower floors there are all sorts of artificial gardens with lights and decorations that give off a distinctly fantastical almost Alice-In- Wonderland type of vibe.

It’s all on a truly colossal scale too, and well worth a peek and well as a few pics for Instagram, so be sure to head over there during your tour of Vegas’ most retro spots.

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