revamp your look after a breakup

3 Ways to Revamp Your Look After a Breakup

A breakup is one of the toughest challenges you can go through. One moment, you’re building your life with somebody, happily planning a future together. The next moment, things spiral until you suddenly find yourself single again and back at square one.

And no matter if you’ve fallen out or stayed on good terms with your ex, one of the hardest things can be the battering your self image and confidence take. All the things you liked about yourself in the relationship now seem wrong.

This is when it’s truly time for a style reinvention. When you revamp your look after a breakup, you feel a bit better. Changing your appearance can be a great way to give yourself a fresh start and boost your self-esteem. So kick off your new look today and wave hello to the new and improved you…

1. Surf The Net For Inspo.

Sometimes you’ve been stuck in a style rut – rocking the same fringe, the same cut of jeans, the same daily uniform – for so long, that you can’t see past it. Focus on pulling together some inspiration to help you redefine what looks good to you now. Checking out trending outfits on Pinterest or searching specific pieces you’re drawn to can help you to discover new ways of styling them up.

Always loved a leather jacket? Perhaps you never thought of styling it with a pleated midi skirt.Retaining things you love while injecting some fresh elements into the look keeps it authentic to you and your style, while giving it a new direction. It can also be a good idea to turn to bloggers or celebrities for ideas.

Pick out a few whose style you love and work out how it can fit with your own lifestyle.If you’re really stuck, then getting some professional advice can be a great investment. Follow websites like Joyfully Styled for the best tips on changing up your look.

2. Look After Your Skin.

Your skin is the canvas for any makeup look, and one of the first things people notice when they meet you, so focusing on getting it in beautiful, glowing condition will make a massive difference to how you look and feel.

Evaluate your skin care needs and do your research on the best products for your skin type – if you have problem skin, salicylic acids and clearing lotions can help, while dry skin types may need to add a facial oil into their routines, and those focused on preventing aging should go for a retinol night cream.

Everyone, regardless of their skin type, should be using a high-factor facial sunscreen on a daily basis. Exposure to the sun’s rays is the single biggest preventable cause of damage to the skin.

Also make sure that you’re drinking at least two liters of water a day, and you’ll soon start to notice how much more plumped and glowing you appear.

3. Remember To Have Fun.

Most of all, remember to have fun with your personal style and your look. It’s supposed to be uplifting, and finding the right fit for you – much like dating –  is all about experimenting until you find the one.

Taking the time to revamp your look after a breakup is only one step of the healing process, but it definitely makes a huge difference!

Photo by Alexandru Acea

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