Salman Khoshroo Paints Stunning, Colorful Palette Knife Portraits

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

When I first came across Salman Khoshroo’s paintings, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I felt that if I looked long enough, at any moment the portrait would come to life- moving a hand or turning it’s face to look at me. Something about his paintings are hauntingly realistic in the best way possible. I love his use of color when creating these portraits, but the thing that stands out the most to me is his ability to create such texture with the various paints.

Based in Tehran, Iran, Salman Khoshroo is a self-taught painter who received his degree in Digital Arts. The concept of painting with a palette knife is something I’ve always been intrigued by and I enjoy seeing an artist like Salman create such amazing pieces with this tool. View more of Salman’s large-scale palette knife portraits below.

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