photo by Akili-Casundria Ramsess

Sam Smith Live at The Tabernacle

No doubt at this point you’ve heard of Sam Smith. It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without hearing his Disclosure-reworked song “Latch.” So when I got to the Tabernacle on the night of his show, it was no surprise to me that the venue was packed to the door. What surprised me a little was the level of fandom at the concert. There was a feverish feel to the room as fan gals and guys anticipated Sam Smith’s entry onto the stage. There was even one lone super-fan at the front of the stage brandishing a 4 foot poster in the shape and likeness of the pop star’s head. As I waited along with the crowd for the main act, there were moments in which I began to wonder if the fans in the venue were bleed-offs from a Lady Gaga or Katy Perry show that had been cancelled. Their level of brash excitement seemed to amplify the celebrity of the man about to perform.

Finally, after about 45 minutes, Sam Smith came to the stage. And what ensued was brilliance.

Smith’s performance was electric. From the moment the curtains opened until the end of the performance, it seemed as though every note from his voice was executed perfectly, and every element of the live show moved seamlessly. Sam Smith’s performance style harkens back to the likes of Sinatra and Crosby. His sharp suit and confident saunter across the stage showed the confidence of a seasoned performer. And despite the celebrity-crazed crowd, Smith appeared cool, calm and suave as he delivered each soul-soaked song. As the show neared a close, it dawned on me why this man is as popular as he is right now: Sam Smith is just that damn good. I came into the show an observer, and I left a fan. If you have the opportunity to see Sam Smith live, don’t pass it up.

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