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14 Ways To Save Money While Traveling

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Vacations are known for how much of a hole they can create in people’s pockets.  Most times, people are often discouraged from traveling because of how expensive it can be. From plane tickets to food, accommodation, souvenirs, and shopping—so many things would cost a lot. Hence, there is a need to strike a balance between having fun and giving yourself a treat and still coming back with your account smiling.

The good news is that with effective planning, it is possible to go on trips and still come back with your pocket full of money. Here are some ways to make this possible.

1. Have a Budget and Stick to it

The importance of a budget, especially when going on a trip should not be overlooked. A budget is an estimate of how much an individual makes and spends over a period of time. A travel budget could contain how much should be spent on everything from food, accommodation, souvenirs, and even tips in hotels. An easy way to do this is by using a tipping calculator. While traveling, having a budget is not just enough; individuals need to follow their budget strictly.

2. Avoid Packing so Much

As much as you need to go with every essential item, there is the need to carry fewer bags. This not only reduces the stress of having to carry a lot of bags while traveling, but it also reduces the cost of paying for luggage. Moreover, with fewer bags, you are more cautious and at low risk of losing stuff.

3. Avoid Eating Out Often

Eating at restaurants while vacationing can be quite expensive, especially when the trip lasts long. At restaurants, there are usually new meals to try out, expensive wines and desserts—and with this, expenses increase. One easy way to save money while traveling is to reduce the rate at which you eat out. It is advisable to consume home-made meals as they are not only healthy but also pocket friendly.

4. Travel Off-Season

Traveling during seasons or festive periods is a not-so-good idea because festive seasons are usually more expensive. Transportation, the cost of food, and even accommodation are usually more expensive basically because there’s an increase in demand from a lot of customers. However, while traveling outside of festive periods, one would notice that there are usually discounts, and transportation cost is usually lower.

5. Look Out for Free Things to Do

Instead of visiting museums, going on tours and paying a lot of money, it is often advisable to find a few free things to do. It could involve giving yourself a tour on foot, visiting  free museums, or visiting free parks to enjoy the arts. By doing this, it is a lot easier to cut costs and save money while traveling.

6. Have a Bag Containing Your Snacks

A bag containing snacks is a sure-bet while traveling. This is because it doesn’t just come in handy when you need something to munch on, it also cuts down costs a great deal. It would save you the stress of looking for a store and buying expensive snacks. It is also best to have a bottle of water with you that you can refill anywhere instead of getting a new one.

7. Don’t Go for Expensive Rooms

When choosing a room, it is important to consider its use. Is it a place you stay only at night after touring and being out all day? Or you are just interested in having a lot of space? Or you need a room with a very nice view? Staying in an overly expensive room is not cost-effective, especially if you would be staying for a long while. Hence, it is advisable to go for something pocket-friendly and comfortable.

8. Go With Everything You Need

Avoid traveling without essentials, with the mindset of buying them when you get to your destination. This is not only stressful, but also costly. It is best to buy all essentials, be it toiletries or food wherever you are because they tend to be cheaper than when on trips.

9. Rent an Apartment

When traveling along with family and staying long, it is advisable to rent cheap and cozy apartments instead of staying in hotels. The cost of two rooms in a hotel for a long time would definitely surpass that of a small apartment, and you would be saving yourself some money.

10. Shop at Local Stores

Shopping at local stores is one sure way to eat healthily and on a budget. While vacationing, you can consider getting food from night markets and food stalls, and get to taste local foods. You can get foods that are in season and cook up something tasty in your apartment.

11. Get Souvenirs Last

It is not advisable to shop for souvenirs as soon as you arrive. This is because you wouldn’t know where to get the same souvenir at lower prices. Instead, it’s best to take a tour, get to know stores where souvenirs are cheaper, and buy them, hence reducing cost.

12. Carry Out Proper Research

It is important to research before going on any journey. Proper research would enable you to know the best apartments to stay, where to get free tours, free museums, as well as the best places to get food at affordable prices.

13. Be Vigilant

As much as you want to cut costs and also save a lot of money, it is of no use if pickpockets steal your money. Therefore, a way to save money while traveling is to be vigilant, watch out for pickpockets, and keep money in the right places. Not just pickpockets, be careful not to get scammed by drivers who charge higher rates or off loaders who end up stealing.

14. Use a Checking Account for Trip Expenses

While going on a trip, it is advisable to have a checking account and use it instead of your savings account. With a checking account that contains money slated only for your travel expenses, you would be more cautious about your spending, while savings remain intact.

Traveling and having fun is one thing that everyone would like to experience and still come back with their pockets full. With these tips, a fun, memorable, and cost-effective trip is achievable.



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