Change Your Life Now: 4 Things to Say Yes to Immediately

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Change Your Life Now: 4 Things to Say Yes to Immediately

By Danasia Fantastic

The older we get the easier it is to start playing it safe. I feel like in our twenties we start to get set in our ways. We develop routines and certain habits without realizing it. While that’s all well and good, every now and then we need to mix it up. Here are a list of things that you should start saying yes to now that could possibly change your life:

1. Say Yes to That New Hairstyle- Ladies why is it that we always wait for some life changing event (normally a recent breakup) to update our look? Say yes to that pixie haircut you’ve dreamed about trying for the last three months!

2. Say Yes to That Job Offer- Scared to take that promotion at work? Or maybe you got offered a job but are hesitant to relocate? SAY YES. Break up the monotony. Taking that promotion will challenge you and keep you sharp. Relocating will introduce you to new people and new places meaning new opportunities!

3. Say Yes to Trying That New Class at The Gym- It seems like there is always some new gym class that’s the latest trend. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably skeptical to break up your routine. I’m telling you to try it! I recently fell in love with spin class! And Zumba felt more like a party than a workout, but I definitely felt the workout part a day later!

4. Say Yes to The Guy (Girl) Who’s Not Your Type- It’s important to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to dating. Now I’m not telling you to not have standards, but I am saying be realistic. Although the idea of holding out for your Prince Charming is cute, the truth of the matter is that there are no perfect men. There are also no perfect women. Don’t hold someone to standards that you yourself don’t meet. Give the guy who isn’t as tall as you’d like or doesn’t drive a super nice car a chance to show you his good qualities.

I hope this post leaves you feeling inspired! Are there any other things you think we should all start saying yes to immediately? I’d love to hear them from you!


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