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4 Reasons to See The Blue Angels in Pensacola


Daydream with me for a moment: whenever you look up in the sky and see a bird soaring effortlessly across the sky, doesn’t a part of you wonder for just a moment what the feeling of floating effortlessly across the air would be like? I’ve always had that same curiosity when it came flying planes. The thought of being able to control a machine and speed through the air several miles above land gives me such a rush! That’s why when I was invited to visit Pensacola and heard that I’d get the opportunity to go see the Blue Angels, I was absolutely excited!

blue angels show
Photo by Showcase Pensacola


Who are the Blue Angels?

The Blue Angels is the nickname given to the US Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron. They were founded in 1946, and almost 11 million people each year get the chance to watch them take flight. Though they give their amazing show all over the country, Pensacola is actually where they officially hang their goggles. They give shows from March through November each year, and if you’ve never seen one you are absolutely in for a treat. This team of six skilled pilots is going to amaze you with their precision and skills in the air. Here are 4 reasons you should see them in their hometown of Pensacola. 

1. The thrill of fast machines.

There is something incredible about watching fast moving machines. There’s so much excitement in the air, it is nearly palpable. As you’re watching these planes take off, you can just imagine how it feels to move so fast and go so far in the air. When you’re seeing this show for the first time, you can’t help but be fascinated by the skill of our military. Each of these pilots is using skills in the air that our military members use in defense of our nation. As you are watching them, you can literally imagine them out there fighting for our freedom, and using their incredible flight capabilities to keep us safe.


pensacola based blue angels
Photo by Showcase Pensacola

2. The tricks.

Oh my gosh, you have never seen magic until you see somebody take a plane and make it roll over completely in the air. Can you imagine what a rush that must feel like? These highly skilled pilots leave you on the edge of your seat the entire show. 


blue angels live in pensacola
Photo by Showcase Pensacola

3. The teamwork

Any time you see a group like this, you can appreciate all over again what human beings can accomplish when they work together. These planes are flying so close together that it almost seems like their wings could kiss at any moment. When they move, they move in sync. The precision with which they move is absolutely fascinating to see in action.


blue angels from pensacola
Photo by Showcase Pensacola

4. The energy from the crowd is truly electric. 

Since they’re based in Pensacola, seeing them perform there is a truly unique experience. Pensacola is a gorgeous beach town with a tight knit community. They know and love the Blue Angels like family. Their kids are on soccer teams together and their wives are heavily involved in the town. When The Blue Angels fly there-it’s truly feels like your witnessing the homecoming of friends and family. As someone just visiting, I was literally brought to tears as I sat on a boat with locals who were so happy to see their boys home. It was truly an incredible experience!

There are many reasons to visit Pensacola, but seeing The Blue Angels perform in their hometown is my top reason to visit.

Here’s their schedule for 2018- I highly suggest seeing them when their home July 14-15 for the Pensacola Air Show or November 2-3 for the Blue Angels Homecoming Show.

A big thank you to Visit Pensacola for the incredible sponsored trip! I’ll soon be sharing another blog post about Pensacola, so keep an eye out for that!


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