11 Reasons You Should Keep a Journal

It was popular years and years ago, and it was undoubtedly popular centuries ago, but did you know how relevant keeping a journal is now? There are so many reasons it’s a good idea, you’ll be looking for a pretty notebook before you can say “pen and paper!”


1. It’s good for your brain: keeping a journal is great for your memory and helps keep your cognitive abilities sharp. With things like dementia and Alzheimer’s increasingly common, keeping a journal is a great idea.


2. It sparks creativity: jotting down all the nitty-gritty bits of life clears them out of the way and makes room in your mind for better ideas.


3. It’ll help you spot any decline in your mental health: it’s hard to see when you’re starting to feel low sometimes. If you’re keeping a journal, you’ll be able to spot your mood dipping in the thoughts you’ve written down, and take action to prevent a full-blown problem.


4. To hand down to your children: there’s always the chance they won’t want to read it, but at least you’ll have everything you want to say in one volume. If the worst happens, it’ll be right there for them. 


5. To provide future historians with a resource: do you ever wonder how much information we have because some unknown individual kept a journal? Maybe yours will lead the way for historians one day. 


6. Reconnect with the world: writing in a journal provides a haven in your day away from the rat race, away from the devices and the apps. It’s just you and some paper. It’s the perfect refresher when the world gets too much.


7. To corral your thoughts: rein that scatterbrain in! Scribbling everything down, even if it’s illegible, will help you clear your head. It can help you make big life decisions too –  make a list of your options and their pros and cons. 


8. Stress management: numbers 6 and 7 add up to this – stress management. Keeping a journal will do you a world of good. It will help with mindfulness and calm, give you an outlet for venting, and gives you five minutes away from the stressor. 


9. Recording crucial details: whether it’s a dispute with your neighbor or a medical issue, it’s a fantastic idea to have a record of the events leading up to that police call or doctor’s appointment.


10. To immortalize a life event: new baby? Puppy or kitten? Starting a degree or even a new business? If you record everything in your journal as it happens, you will have a treasure trove of memories to look back on.


11. To keep track of everything: bullet journals, or even regular journals, are a great way of tracking your income, appointments, or even when your insurance is due. Whether that’s life insurance, dental insurance, business insurance or more. It might be easier to take out all your insurance, with one company, like Bruce Insurance. That’s sure to make life easier!


There’s so much benefit from writing a journal regularly, there’s absolutely no reason not to start now! If you don’t know where to start, try writing about yourself or your day. That will get you started in no time.


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