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10 Creative Ways to Show Off Travel Photos At Home

Many people eagerly share vacation photos on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networking sites, but are clueless as to the methods of displaying the photos in their homes. Why allow your photos to collect dust in a shoebox under the bed when there are so many unique and fun ways to display the photos throughout the home?

Your memories shouldn’t sit in a box when it’s so easy to display them throughout the home. Ponder the 10 creative ideas below to find the best ways to display your vacay photos. Use multiple ideas if you choose. It’s more fun that way.

1. Photo Map

Photo maps are fun to create using your travel photos. Many variations of the photo map exist, so search online to learn more. It’s fun to create these maps and to display them in the hallway or in other areas of the home to serve as a sweet reminder of that particular destination. Seeing the photos regularly is sure to create the urge to travel more than you feel it already.

2. Create a Photo Book

Inexpensive photo books make great coffee table displays or additions to your favorite space. Customize a photo book using photos from each vacation. Add special effects, template, and messages to the book to make it all your own. Photobooks make it easy to look back upon the special memories in your life with nothing more than a flip of the page.

3. Puzzle

Can you put your vacation together? Contact a photography specialist to create a puzzle using your vacation photos and find out how long it takes to piece your vacation back together. This is a fun and unique way to remember your vacation.

4. Make a Calendar

Use your travel photos to create a 12-month custom calendar. It’s a great treat each month as you see another photo that sends the memories of your travels back into your mind. Making a calendar is easy and affordable and a unique way to show off your vacation with family and friends who come to the home.

5. Create a Painting

Your photos look even more amazing when they become beautiful paintings that can easily be displayed on the walls at your home, the office, or elsewhere. If you’re an art fan or looking for sophisticated ways to decorate the walls in your home, this idea provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your vacation.

6. Make Postcards

Postcards are easy to create with your photos. Professionals can make postcards or, with the right software, it’s a simple DIY job with your computer. Postcards are perfect to send to family and friends so they get a sneak peek at your trip, but they’re also phenomenal reminders of your trip if you want to use them as keepsakes.

7. T-Shirts/ Tote Bags

For a few bucks, it’s possible to turn your photos into t-shirts, tote bags, and other similar items. It’s fun to wear shirts displaying your vacation photos and tote bags make it easy to carry around all your souvenirs from the trip. There are tons of other items that can be customized with your photos in addition to these items.

8. Phone Case

Did you know that making a phone case using your favorite photo is easy? Using one of your shots from vacay ensures that you have a case that always puts a smile on your face and keeps you motivated even if the days get tough. No matter what model phone you own, making a phone case from a vacation photo is an option.

9. Momento Boxes

Travel memento boxes make storing mementos from your vacation simple. And, they’re loads of fun to creates, especially when you add some of the photos from the trip to the decoration. Let your creative juices flow as you create this mementos box.

The more fun that you have as you make the box, the more fun you’ll experience each time you open the box and reflect on the goodies tucked inside.

10. Playing Cards/ Games

Your favorite vacation photos can turn into a deck of playing cards, board games, etc. Many companies offer such a service, with costs based upon the item that you want. This is a very unique and fun idea for any of your favorite photos.

Now all that is left to do is choose which of the 10 ideas above you like most for vacation photo displays. Any of these ideas will help create a lavish style and custom look in your home as your most cherished photos are displayed for all to see.


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