Sideswipe Collisions: What They Are, and What to do Right After One

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You may have heard of different car accident types before, such as the head-on collision and the T-bone. The sideswipe collision is another one that happens pretty often.

You might not know yet what a sideswipe collision is or what to do after one. We will cover both of those topics in the following article. Once you read it, you’ll know the steps to take if this unfortunate occurrence ever happens to you.

What Precisely is the Sideswipe Car Crash?

Before we get into what you have to do after a sideswipe collision, it helps to know exactly what we mean when we utilize the term. The sideswipe collision usually occurs when one car leaves a lane and scrapes the vehicle next to it. A car can sideswipe another car, or a car can sideswipe a truck, motorcycle, or some other conveyance form.

The injuries from a sideswipe collision are not usually too bad because the cars or other vehicles are not running headfirst into each other. The vehicles are also not hitting each other front end to tail, which frequently causes neck and back problems.


What Should You Do After a Sideswipe Crash?

As for what to do if this happens to you, the steps will vary a little depending on the details. Generally, the first thing you do before taking any other action is to check yourself for injuries. You should also have the other individuals in your vehicle check themselves out thoroughly if anyone is with you.

You should also remember that your adrenaline is probably coursing through your veins, so you might not feel an injury immediately. If you start to feel sore or like you broke anything a few moments after the crash, call an ambulance. Even if the injury is not severe, it’s best to get a medical professional to look at you and whoever else the crash involved.


Exchange Information

Next, you’ll have to exchange information with the other driver. Before you talk to them, though, make sure you either call the police or check to see if they have done it. The cops will need to get your statement, and the other driver’s as well.

You should avoid talking to the other driver if they are very upset about what happened. Some individuals will want to yell or threaten you if they feel like you caused the accident.

This is road rage, and you should never talk to someone when they are in that condition. You can just wait in your vehicle with the door locked till the police arrive.

Once they get there, you can get the info from the other driver that you need. You can get their full name, phone number, license plate number, insurance information, and any additional relevant info. You can give them that same information as well.

The last thing you will need to do before you leave the crash site is give the cops the details they need. They will ask you questions and make out a crash report. You might need that report later if you have to appear in court.


Call a Tow Truck

Next, you can either drive home if the car is in decent shape, or else you can call for a tow truck. The tow truck can usually give you a ride home, and they can drop the car off at the auto body shop so they can look it over.

They can tell you whether you totaled the car or not. In a sideswipe collision, the vehicle is probably okay to drive, but not always. It’s not likely this crash type will total it.   


Contact Your Insurance Provider

Once you get home, you should contact your insurance provider with no delays. You can tell them exactly what happened, omitting no details.

You should try not to say the crash was your fault, even if you think it was. Just stick to the facts, and don’t speculate about what caused it.

Now is the point where you can also think about hiring a lawyer. You might need one, but not necessarily.

Whether you need one or not will probably depend on whether you want to sue the other driver or whether they are bringing a civil action against you. If you do hire a lawyer because you’re suing the other driver, make sure you get one that can work on a contingency basis rather than you paying them upfront.

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