Simple Ways To Brighten Up Your Dull Garden

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Is your garden a little bit on the drab side? Whether you’ve just moved into a new property, or you want to get some inspiration to transform your back garden, especially if you are on a budget, try some of these approaches.


1. Add More Lighting

This is the best place to begin. If your garden looks very dull, you can easily brighten up the space with some landscape lighting options. Lighting can be the best way to truly transform a space. It has more color to dark corners, but it also provides a setting for outdoor gatherings such as barbecues. If you don’t have the budget, you can always use old Christmas lights and tea lights to create a twinkly sensation.


2. Get More Plants and Herbs

A great way to add color, but also to attract wildlife into the garden. If you do not have the money for birdbaths, you can use terracotta pots, and fashion a bird planter yourself. A very simple thing to do, but it is also is a very cheap option. All you need to do is buy a handful of plant pots or get them cheap on one of the many social media marketplaces. When you add more plants and herbs into the mix, it is the simplest way to make the garden appear brighter.


3. Adding a Recycled Garden Path

A fantastic idea if you are on a very tight budget but you still want to create the feeling of a garden pathway. After all, not everybody can afford decking. And using wood pallets to create a pathway can make a simple bridge between one piece of grass and the other, or if you have more time on your hands, you can fashion a proper path. It’s always worth staining the boards first, so they don’t look dull, but also will add more to the general aesthetic of the space, especially if you are looking to make the garden more rustic.


4. Putting Those Stumps To Use!

If your garden has abandoned logs or stumps, or you can get a hold of some, they make plenty of great planters. You can fill them with flowers and herbs. Or they can act as makeshift seats. Stumps are the ideal way to create a proper old-fashioned rustic vibe. Just make sure you send down those logs before you sit on them, otherwise, there will be plenty of splinters to go around!


5. Get A Few Wind Chimes

Wind chimes aren’t for everybody, but if they are your style, you can very easily make your own and add as much color as you want. Using flowerpots and a string to make your own wind chime is a great project for the kids to get involved with!


Whether it’s your first home or you need to shake up your current garden, there are plenty of simple ways to brighten up a space. You don’t have to invest a lot of money into a garden to make it truly sing! Whether you need to add a bit more color, or just a bit more light, or get creative, are plenty of options.

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