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Morgan Blackwell Main Contributor/Marketing Coordinator

If you’re looking for a phone case you can trust to be trendy, tough, AND useful, look no further than LA-based jimmyCASE. With wallet cases for the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone in a variety of colors and patterns, any shopper is bound to find everything he or she is looking for.

When I got my jimmyCASE iPhone 5 case in the mail, first, I was very impressed by how light it was. With the genuine mahogany backing on the case, I expected it to weigh down my phone but I couldn’t have been more wrong: My phone still felt as light as it did with my cheap plastic case. Unlike the cases I’ve had in the past, I didn’t feel like I was going to break my phone in half putting the case on because the silicon bumper forms to the phone instead of being unyielding like plastic. The new all-white look to the front of my phone looks super clean while the pink and gray stripe pattern I chose for the back gives it a girly touch while still looking California-cool with the dark wooden backing.

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What I was most excited for was the built-in wallet the colored band on the back provides. I hate carrying around my keys with my wallet attached only to carry around my driver’s license and debit card, and putting the unprotected plastic in my pocket is obviously not a smart option. My new jimmyCASE phone case holds my cards tightly even when it’s been dropped and shaken. Without the thumb-sized slot at the bottom of the band, there would be no way to get my cards out, they are that secure. Amazingly, the band can hold up to six cards without stretching the band or holding your possessions hostage forever.

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In terms of protection, jimmyCASE definitely didn’t skimp on this factor in favor of style and utility. As mentioned, I have dropped my phone (many) times with the jimmyCASE case on my phone and my phone does not have a single scratch or crack although a few times I was sure it was broken into a million pieces. I have also gotten tons of compliments on the case and lots of “Where did you get that?!” Everyone is always impressed when I tell them it is handmade and under $50, especially when they watch me quickly pull cash from my phone, drop my phone on the concrete, and pick it up confident it’s okay while they’re still rummaging for their card. Winning.

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You can check out jimmyCASE for yourself and shop phone cases at and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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