Budget Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart, and the stomach, of the home. If we want to make the most of our house and show it off in all of its glory we need to consider upgrading the kitchen often to make it into a stunning feature of the home. 


Of course, refitting a whole kitchen costs A LOT of money, and realistically we cannot afford to change too much in the kitchen too often. But there is another way, and if your kitchen is feeling a little drab and dull this year and you are looking to spruce it up a little, we have the ideal tips to help you spruce up the space without it costing the earth. 


1. Update Your Kitchen Cabinets.


One of the biggest costs you would face when remodeling a kitchen is the replacement of your kitchen cabinets. This can cost a pretty penny and it is not realistic to try and do this often. This is why instead you can choose to reface cabinets to make them look and feel more modern and bright. There are some truly wonderful doors and facing tools you can buy for your kitchen cabinets to make them look and feel brand new this autumn. 


2. Find Budget Countertops.


There is a common misconception when searching for new countertops that you will have to spend a large sum to get good quality tops.

However, this is not the case and in fact there are a lot of options which are more budget friendly which you could buy this year. Instead of purchasing marble or granite tops, you can source composite counterparts and you can also shop for old off cuts from the local kitchen showroom and save a ton of money on your project.

This will allow you to get a stunning looking countertop without paying those premium prices for it. 


3. Add Shelves to the Cupboards.


One of the most difficult things to contend with when we are looking at the kitchen this year is the storage space. Storage space can be genuinely difficult to come by and it is something which can cause you to have a messy kitchen due to storing things out in the open.

However, a clever hack to help make the most of your storage this year is to use a roll out shelf in your cupboard. A roll out shelf will allow you to store those all important items without creating clutter and it will truly make all the difference to the kitchen. 


4. Play Around with Lighting.


Lighting can be a game changer for the home and if you are looking to quickly add life back into a room, new lighting can be the key. When choosing the right lighting for your kitchen, you want to ensure that you choose cool white or daylight bulbs so that you don’t gain a yellow hue to the room.

Once you have changed the lightbulbs, you can even consider adding extra sources of light to the home to make it feel homely and bright. This will instantly make the room feel bigger without you even trying. 


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