4 Streaming Services to Try

You sit down to watch your favorite movie and you get that spinning wheel or the message that tells you that you’re going to have to wait while the stream is buffering. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having what you need when you need it. 


Maybe you’ve started the process of digitiing all your DVDs and now have movies across several different devices instead of one central location. In either of these cases, it looks like you might need the services of a single media hub to stream movies better and act as a single point of storage. On this blog we take a look at some of the options out there in the world of tech.


1. Stremio


This app allows you to access movies, live TV and so on from a range of different platforms and keeps them all on a single board for you to access. You can create your own personal library and carry that information across all your different devices.


Try the demo free for 30 days and then choose your level of monthly subscription.




2. Kodi


Kodi was originally designed for compatibility with the Xbox but is now far more mainstream. The app allows you to source media from across all your devices and play them on a different one, eg from your ipad to your television. It supports just about all files and can have add-ons applied fairly easy. As it’s an open source you could even add your own code if you have those skills.


As it’s been on the scene a little while, you also have the benefit of plenty of technical support for when Kodi is not working as intended.


3. Emby


This piece of software started life as a simple media browser that you used to play movie clips that got emailed over to you. Emby has since grown and developed into a far more sophisticated offering and gives the likes of Kodi and Stremio a run for their money.


Though with slightly more basic features than those mentioned up post., Emby can sync media stored on a Cloud or across your devices so that you have all your downloads in one place. There are levels of access, ranging from the basic to the more sophisticated, giving you the choice to get exactly what you need.


4. Media Portal


This Windows-only software is based on the Kodi model. It allows you to stream media from a number of platforms while also playing all your DVDs, BlueRay movies, music and so on. There are two versions available as free downloads, with the more recent version offering more plug-ins. 

This all-rounder is a great open source piece of software if you’re working on Windows.


Great streaming, a central library and sophisticated software. There’s everything you need for a better viewing experience if you just do a little resource and dig a little deeper. Don’t put up with a second rate service, try one of these tips out and you’ll be watching happy.


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