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Styling Tips for Petite Women

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If you are petite, you know all about the struggle to find clothes that fit perfectly. Honestly, this is something women of all shapes and sizes struggle with!

So even if you’re on the lighter side, you can still go big on style and take pride in your miniature body as we put together our edit of the best clothes for petite women looking to embrace their stature.


1. Consider Rocking The High Waist Look

High-waisted pants come in various styles and will give an illusion of longer legs, and lengthen your lower half. Since balance is key, pair it with a well-fitted neutral white blouse top nicely tucked in to give a complete look of a taller silhouette. Additionally, nothing seems to be more appropriate than wearing your high-waisted pants with a statement belt to give the body definition & curve besides the length. Visit a Kohl’s store near you to shop for high waist jeans and pants and get a massive 70% off via Kohl’s Coupons today!


2. Wearing Heels Are a Plus

Every piece of your outfit defines your style, and this goes for your shoes as well. High heels are your best friend and an obvious way to gain height, but avoid going in for too high heels as they will make you look out of proportion.


3. Vertical Stripes Are a Flattering Choice

We all know that vertical stripes give length to your body and the petite frame will benefit more from this pattern. Vertical lines can be seams or fabric with vertical stripes. If you don’t own a jumpsuit, you can go in for it now, as vertical stripes jumpsuit is a perfect lengthening piece which is surprisingly easy to wear and one of the oldest fashion tricks. For jumpsuits to look good on petite women they need to be well fitted to give you that long and lean silhouette. Add the Petite Monochrome high neck jumpsuit to your wardrobe from the Boohoo store available at half the original price.


4. Dresses Are Always A Great Option

Dresses are fabulous for small women, and you can create a lengthening effect if you are wearing them in a single color. No matter what the trends are, always dress up for your body, and the first thing which one should consider is Silhouette. A white dress is definitely a summer staple for a stunning look with dark lipstick and a stylish tote, so, discover up-to-the-minute trends in dresses for every occasion at Macy’s where you are sure to find the perfect fit with the latest styles from your favorite brands. Be it for a formal evening or just a casual dinner if there’s one fabric that exudes cuteness it has to be lace, and Macy’s got you covered with plenty of options as your ideal style partner.


5. Stick to Monochromatic Pieces

Everyone knows the rule when in doubt wear all black. Wearing the same color on top & bottom elongates your body while giving flow to your entire body. But applying monochromatic dressing does not necessarily mean that you are in one-color from head to toe. Monochromatic looks instantly create an illusion of height, so choose a color that is flattering to your natural tones, and the same color in less contrast will surely make you get noticed when you adorn your outfit with accessories like jewelry and purse with a splash of color to spice it up. But keep in mind to choose delicate pieces that suit your stature.


6. Cardigans & Coats

As a general rule, avoid the double-breasted style coat, instead, choose a single-breasted jacket or a single-breasted coat with a V-neck. Make heads turn to beat the winter chill with this super cute outfit, a perfect buy for girls’ day out, and keep your winter style stylish and chic with a sling bag for an integrated look. From the classic wrap coats to the belted Trench coats you are sure to discover what you are looking for at a great discount at Macy’s to pair it well with Heels & boots.


7. Skinny Jeans for the Petite slender figure

If you are a short person, Skinny jeans are a woman’s fashion ally. This popular style will give women great height, and those craving for a curvier backside can buy it in a snug fit with flap pockets, without any extra details or fancy stitching that draw attention and emphasize that area. Denim style will look best, especially the leg-lengthening dark denim wash, and pair them with high heels for an extra boost. Shop for the best brands, and also, make your selection wider by checking at Nordstrom as these slim-fit Joe’s jeans are available in all sizes and shades, a definite crowd puller designed to move.

The key to great style, for any body type for that matter, is proportion, and sometimes deals come in the form of price cuts so, shoppers can expect lower prices, with many premium brands seeing steeper discounts with the latest offers and coupon codes.

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