Summer Makeup Tips to Try

If you prefer the natural makeup look, you’re not alone! Clear skin and highlights that accentuate your natural beauty are so important. 


1. Try a Soft Smoky Eye

A little brown eye makeup that brings out the shape of your eyelids and the bridge of your nose, is most welcome. Take a look at these eyeshadow palettes such as the Baked Browns. This palette has tons of coffee creamer, bourbon and chocolate fudge, which you use to accentuate your natural eye shape. The Marvelous Mauves are for those that want to inject a little purple into their makeup routine. The strongest done is a deep lavender, great for springtime smoky eyes as it’s just dark enough to still look bountiful and rejuvenate your iris color. 


2. Matte and gloss

For springtime you can use gloss as the sunlight will bounce the light off your lips and give you a great shimmer. However, for those that want a more toned down look, matte is obviously better. But what if you could mix the two? Using Bobbi Brown Orangey Red satin-matte finish as your main top layer, your lips will look smooth yet solid. It has a slight sheen touch to it but it’s not too strong. Satin is becoming very popular now because it has far fewer angles from which it gives off a shine than full gloss lipstick. 



3. Earth Tones 


Earth tones are never out of style. Check out the Shiseido Synchro Self-Refreshing Foundation for those with a naturally darker tone. It’s an SPF-30 formula, so it’s made to be worn during sunny days. The foundation is designed to resist your skin’s natural oils which want to strip away any makeup you apply. But it also reacts well to humidity and also your skin to breathe with its Responsive Sensory Technology. With all-day hydration in mind, it works with your skin to synchronize into your lifestyle. 




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