Brooke Lark

Table Cheat Sheet: Your Guide to Surfaces

In modern society, there are loads of inventions which have been popular for thousands of years and are still in heavy use, today. From wheels to central heating, there are examples of ancient people using devices like these tools, even though they seem very modern. A great example of this in the home is your tables. To help you out with these common furniture items, this post will be exploring some of the different kinds of table you can add to your home.


While it may seem obvious, an end table is an item which sits at the end of a line of other furniture, like sofas or chairs. Used for an array of tasks, this piece will meld into the room it is chosen for, and will usually be found in the living room, lounge, or study. A lot of people like to use glass examples of tables like this, though wood and metal are also very popular. Using a reclaimed wood table top is another good way to add ambience to your Decor.


A coffee table is usually a similar size to an end table, only lacking quite so much of the height. Designed to make it easy to reach from a sofa, companies like have everything you could need to get your hands on the right table for this job. There are loads of designs out there which will slip perfectly into any living room.




Eating food at a dining table may not be quite as common as it used to be, but a lot of people still enjoy this sort of event at least once a week. Tables like this are much higher than end or coffee tables, making them perfect for when you’re trying to enjoy a meal. Of course, along with a table like this, you’ll also need to get some chairs which match.



Bedside Table: Like an end table, a bedside table supports a lazy life, giving you the chance to have your phone charged wirelessly, items stored within arms reach, and a great way to break the ice when you have others in your room. Of course, you’ll have to do some research to find the perfect example for your room.


Console Table: Sitting in hallways and next to doors, a console table is the sort of place people like to keep items like their keys and telephone. Unlike the other tables on this list, this is the sort of item which will always stand out. Of course, though, this doesn’t have to be an issue, especially if you manage to choose the right table.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the tables you have around your home. Like most pieces of furniture, you have a huge amount of choice to go from when you’re buying a table. The research you do along the line will make a huge difference, a lot of people find that it’s helpful to look for the help of a professional designer. Not only will this see the work done for you, but it may also give you some further insight into it.

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