Photo by Mike Arney

Take a Walk on The Wild(Life) Side with These Vacations

Who doesn’t love animals? Whether it’s you, your partner, a sibling or your best friend, someone you know will coo over the puppies, get excited when a nature documentary comes on the TV or exclaim in delight when they find out they are heading to the zoo for a fun Saturday. When it comes to vacations, there are many places that you could hot foot it to in an effort to scratch a wanderlust itch and fulfill a desire to see some wildlife in their natural habitat.


1. Gorillas In Uganda.


As a lover of animals, you or your travel companion may be concerned about intruding on a creature’s environment. However, many conservation parks and venues are now set up with tourists in mind. Tourism is a great tool for getting more revenue for a country’s conservation efforts and enables you to lend a hand if you so wish. Many people who visit the gorillas in Uganda spend some time volunteering their services to the admin side of things for an hour or two while they await their tour into the jungle. 


The gorillas of Uganda are located in Bwindi Forest. Local experienced guides will take a small group hiking in an attempt to track the gorilla using the most basic of methods. These animals aren’t caged or boxed, and it’s up to you to keep your distance as a visitor to their natural habitat. Seeing a silverback beating his chest from behind a tree trunk is every wildlife lover’s dream. 


2. Lions In Botswana.


If you’re tempted to venture to Africa to embark on a safari, why not do it in style. By booking yourself onto one of the many safari holidays at Victoria Falls, you can combine a natural wonder with an awesome wildlife experience. You may be fortunate enough to spot giraffes feeding, prides of lionesses hunting and the elusive black rhino drinking at a watering hole. By exploring national parks with regional experts, you can learn from the locals about the wildlife, their habitat and the conservation efforts taking place.


Once you’ve enjoyed a day exploring the savannah in your jeep, you can retire to a luxury safari resort. You might partake in a spot of gourmet cuisine, enjoy a mud bath spa treatment or fancy a dip in the pool by moonlight.




3. Whales In Iceland


If you fancy a trek to somewhere a little cooler, why not make Iceland your destination of choice. By heading out onto the open seas, you can take a tour to try and spot the fin and humpback whales that make the waters around this chilly island their home. Many Icelandic fishermen know the seas like the back of their hand and will know the right spots to see bottlenose dolphins swimming alongside the hull of the vessel. You may even be lucky enough to see sea eagles and other birds of prey as you take your tour.


There are many ways to get your wildlife kicks while traveling the globe. Whether you are an ardent backpacker or an annual vacationer, take a look at these destination ideas to immerse yourself in the wildlife of a region.

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