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3 Ways to Truly Be Thankful During the Holidays

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1. Unplug from social media.
Social media can be the fastest ways to send you into a black hole of ungratefulness. It’s a great way to stay connected with our family and friends but can serve as a way to make you question what you actually have to feel thankful for. It’s hard to cultivate gratitude when you’re comparing your first fried turkey attempt to Tiffany from high school’s perfectly executed turkey complete with homemade stuffing and sweet potato pie. If you feel that you immediately go to comparing yourself to others on social media; be honest with yourself and refrain from using it. Delete the apps off your phone; better yet turn OFF your phone to really enjoy the company of the ones your with. Remember comparison is a deterrent of thankfulness so if others posts on Instagram exacerbates that in you; get rid of it.

2. Serve others.
One of the best ways to feel thankful for all you have in your life is to help those that are less fortunate than you are. The goal here is not to make yourself feel better about your own situation because you are doing “better” than someone. The goal is to grow empathy and understanding of that person’s life experience. Growing that will help you understand that you’re not any different than those that you’re serving. Life can and will throw anyone for a loop and you aren’t exempt from that. Appreciate your present circumstances because they can always change.

3. Verbalize your blessings.
There is something powerful about speaking your blessings out loud. Verbalizing your circumstances forces you to acknowledge how great or horrible they are. Write a list of the great as well as the things you take for granted and say out loud what you’re thankful for. When you speak it from your mouth and hear it with your own two ears, it will keep you from ruminating over things that are petty and out of your control.

The holidays are a time to be fully present with the ones you love as well as reflective about the positive things going on in your life. Reiteration of our blessings and the love we have with and for our friends, families and our world can only bring about more of the positivity that the world so desperately needs.


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