I recently asked a friend whether or not she planned to travel internationally this year. Her response was that she’d love to but that she couldn’t afford it. Many Americans have that same mindset. The reality is, you can fly internationally at incredibly low rates- if you know where to look! Below I’ve created the 5 best websites that I’ve come across for cheap international flights:

1. The Flight Deal

The Flight Deal only lists international flights that equate to $.06 cents a mile or less! Sign up for their newsletters and get flight deals directly in your inbox each day. They currently have flights from the US to Amsterdam, Paris or Rome starting at $475 Roundtrip with all taxes included. Considering a trip of that nature typically would cost anywhere from $800-$1100, this is quite a steal!

2. Travelzoo

What sets Travelzoo apart from other cheap flight sites is that they offer entire trip deals at incredible rates- packages that include airfare and hotel stays! When you sign up for their newsletter, you receive the top 20 best travel deals they have to offer, every Wednesday. They recently had non-stop round-trip flight tickets to Honolulu from 11 US cities for $338. They also had a travel package of 7 nights in Italy, including hotel stays and flights for $839 a person (a package that would normally run around $1350 a person). Looking to explore your own city? Travelzoo also offers local deals- like discounted tickets to the ballet or theatre for spots in your own back yard.

3. Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s Cheap Flights finds the best flight deals internationally and sends them to you the moment they’re. The site touts that it “saves the average email subscriber $607 a ticket”- what’s not to love about that? Scott’s Cheap Flights is free to sign up, but also offers a premium subscription ($40 for the year) that allows you to be the first to know about all of the best international flight deals. Free subscribers miss out on two-thirds of the deals and considering you save so much on just one ticket, the $40 is money well-spent!

4. AirfareWatchDog

I first discovered AirfareWatchDog in the App Store on my phone, but the website version is just as awesome. You can search for the lowest fares immediately across 3 or more flight sites. What’s cool about their search engine as opposed to other search engines is that it’ll allow you to even search for unadvertised fares, ensuring you get the best deal possible. If you sign up for their emails, everyday you’ll receive the cheapest domestic and international flights leaving your home airport location.


5. Secret Flying

Secret Flying is great for those who are planning to spend a significant amount of time abroad exploring different countries. You can pick the best flight deals by country, so if you’re in Spain, but want to head to Africa, this website has a ton of affordable options.



  • I’m hoping to stay in the UK. Maybe go to lake district

    • That would be such a good time Tamsin!

  • Kiyshia Goche

    wow. This is brilliant. It can be daunting looking for international flights, but this just goes to show with a little research, you travel far for less. Thanks for sharing

    • I’m glad you found it helpful!

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    Wow, this is absolutely a good tips we have upcoming flight, I will save this. Glad you share this with us

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    I shall keep these in mind, Travelling can be SO expensive these days.

  • Maria Victoria Galang

    thanks for sharing, I have a school break in March and planning to go overseas for a short break, will be checking out the sites for some good deals 🙂

    • Best of luck on finding the perfect flight deal!

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    Good tips – saving this post for future reference!

    • Thanks for the comment Kacie!

  • This list is so handy, thank you! I love a good bargain, especially where holidays are concerned and I hadn’t heard of most of these sites – will definitely be bookmarking and checking them out when we book our summer holiday. x

  • Oh wow, never heard of these sites before. Will definitely check them out. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy!

    • Italy is on the top of my list too!

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    I haven’t tried any of these sites before, i shall have to have a look x

    • You’re going to love them Hannah!

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    • They’re so helpful Gigi!

  • I love this list!

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      Thanks so much Tanya! I’m glad you found it helpful!

  • Sara Pice

    Great list but how come Flystein is missing? https://www.facebook.com/flystein/reviews

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      Hi Sara! I’ve never heard of Flystein before! I’m going to check it out!

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