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The Best Way to Explore Australia

Who wouldn’t love to explore Australia? After all, The Land Down Under has always been a paradise for local and foreign travelers alike. Australia boasts some of the most iconic locations, including the Sydney Opera House, the Heart Reef, and Port Arthur, as well as the finest array of flora and fauna (kangaroos and wallabies are cool).

However, exploring all these majestic Aussie spots might be a pain for most individuals. In fact, it is exactly 7.692 million sq. km in size and populated by approximately 24 million people, so it will increasingly become difficult to tackle it all on the Australian coast.

When you ask the locals what the best option is for travelers looking to appreciate the country, they rarely tell you to take the public transport and instead recommend that you rent a self-guided vehicle.

The woes of taking public transport when you travel:

You may be first time visitors of Australia and are excited to get to all those places listed in your itinerary. But if you want to fully immerse yourself in the local scene, maybe taking public vehicle is not the best choice.

Yes, it lets you dive into what the locals experience when they ride a bus or take a cab to work. But, just like with any other place, you can also experience struggling to ride both. This is unnecessary time you could have spent touring a Melbourne neighborhood or getting to a Brisbane museum.

Not to mention, if you are a backpacker traveling on a specific amount of budget, commuting maybe a luxury. Taxi cabs have always been pricey, and bus passes for a week-long or month-long trip may be too heavy on your expenses.

Just reserve your budget for tickets to watch various cultural shows, shopping, or food.

Why renting a car is more fun in Australia:

It’s because you do not have the liberty to adjust and change plans. Travelers know that the most memorable trips involve last minute changes in the itinerary: When you do not have your own car, you can’t stop around to take selfies or take photos of your surroundings, and your entire trip will likely be time-pressed.

You can’t stop to say hi to locals, you don’t have the same liberty to take breaks as much as you want to.  It will turn into a highly dreadful experience that wastes your time.

You can instead hire a car rental service so you have your own personal vehicle for the entire duration of your trip.

This will save hassle, the hard yakka, and a lot of time for you, all the while providing comfort and privacy as you enjoy your Aussie vacation wholeheartedly.

Car rental company, Drivenow, breaks down why you should take a self guided car here.

Explore at your own pace while in Australia!

Photo by Sacha Styles

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