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The Best Ways To Maintain Your Space

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Looking after your home can sometimes feel like a challenge when you have a list of chores to complete. But it doesn’t need to feel that way! The key is getting organized and using your time productively. Check out my list of tips below to help get you started!

1. Clean Frequently and In Small Stages 

Instead of overwhelming yourself with an extremely long to-do list of what needs to be cleaned in one day, try doing a little of the list each day. This will break up your cleaning chores into shorter segments making it more manageable and less anxiety-inducing.

2. DIY It Up!  

There are bound to be some jobs around the home that you can easily fix with a little DIY that shouldn’t take up too much of your time. This could include oiling a creaking door, fixing a wonky shelf, or tightening up a handle on your dresser.

Finding time in your schedule to complete these small DIY tasks will save you money and time in the long run.

3. Reorganize Your Closet 

It’s a good idea to reorganize your closet frequently so that you can sort out which items of clothing you actually need and which ones you can get rid of. I personally try to do a deep cleaning of my closet every fall/winter and spring/summer. Taking a few hours to figure out what I still like and can still fit, helps me weed out the pieces I can give to a friend or donate to the thrift store.

4. Bathroom Maintenance

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of unclogging your pipes every couple of months. This can help to prevent a build-up of hair and soap debris which can then lead to blockages. It will then save you from having to frantically call a Local Plumber because one of your pipes is clogged up with everyday hair. 

5. Regrout Around Your Bath or Shower 

With the frequent flow of water in your bathroom you might find that the grouting around your bath or shower ends up turning black. To prevent any water from getting into the cracks of your tiles, it’s a good idea to re-grout to keep it in good condition and prevent any water from seeping in. This will help keep your bathroom looking fresh and tidy too.

With these simple tips, you will have a sparkling home or apartment in no time! There are very few things that feel as good as a clean space!

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