The “Filling Spaces” Series by Federico Picci Will Brighten Your Day

I’ve got a confession to make- I’m a little bit obsessed with “Millennial Pink”. Take one look at my Instagram account and you’ll see it interweaved throughout my posts. The light blush color was the first thing I noticed about the Filling Spaces series by Federico Picci, but it was all of the sunlight in his images that drew me in. Federico’s digital art project looks like how happiness feels. The pieces are bright and airy, with a very whimsical vibe. They remind me of being a kid again, causing me to remember the feeling of allowing my imagination to run wild .

Federico states “This concept started as a personal study on the connection between light and space. I tried to show how something immaterial like music can fill the room with this beauty.” I believe that’s exactly what Federico Picci did with this beautiful images. View the entire series below.


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