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The HEAT: 5 Foods to Keep Things HOT This Summer

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 The HEAT: 5 Foods to Keep Things HOT This Summer

Written By C.B. Fletcher

We are always looking for ways to get a little more love in our lives. Whether you are looking for a one night stand, a summer fling, or rekindling your current romance the quickest way to everyone’s heart and bedroom is still through the stomach.  Shamar Starks is a certified Loveologist with SIPS (Sexually Inquisitive People Seminars) that has the answers to what we need to have on our plates to keep the love alive this summer.

Fruit:  Goji Berries

Heat features:  Also known as “happy berries”, this sweet and sour fruit strengthens the adrenal system that heightens your sexual energy and makes you go at it like a rabbit. It’s been used in the past as a precursor to cure erectile dysfunction. This fruit can be bought at a farmers market, tossed in a salad, found in a bag of trail mix, or cooked in a stew if you’re feeling fancy.

Shamar Says:  Goji Berries are a great food for couples in the golden era of a relationship, after the butterflies have died down. This is a sexy treat you can keep simple in or out of the bedroom by adding a handful to a bowl full of ice cream and feeding each other. Of course eating and licking well placed ice cream and berries from the body will cool you off and get you heated up all at once.

Vegetables: The Veiled Lady Mushroom

Heat features:  Other than the fact that most mushrooms resemble a penis, the Vieled Lady mushroom ( Dictyophora indusiata) easily opens the “come valve” for women when their aroma is in the air or direct contact. The men will miss out on being aroused on this one, but he won’t be disappointed when his woman is ready to go. Definitely make sure your man can throw some mushrooms on the grill to get the aroma of love in the air. Although it’s not the prettiest mushroom, it can be found at exotic food markets and is worth the buy.

Shamar Says: This type of mushroom is good for couples that like to cook together. The sensual delight of creating and sharing meals can be a definite turn on. If your lover isn’t the cooking type, entice them to be a present observer by wearing naughty lingerie or a just an apron and nothing else… believe it or not fellas, most ladies like the back view the apron will show off. Watching your man cook for you can be the ultimate aphrodisiac for some; Sight, smell and taste stimulation equals passionate sharing.

Seafood and Seasoning: Oysters

Heat features: Oysters are Aphrodite’s treasures of the sea that give off the sweet scent that mimics a woman’s pheromone and packs a punch of zinc and iron that pumps up the mood. If you’re feeling adventurous sprinkle some Damiana or Korean Red Ginseng on the oysters to further increase your lasting power in your night of spicy passion.

Shamar Says: Oysters eaten raw are not only a sexy tease, but a good way to demonstrate your oral skills. The oyster closely resembles the Pandora’s box of pleasure, so men show her what you want to do to her. Ladies can also do the demonstrating by saying ‘watch me, lick me like this’ and showing that man how you want it done. Hearing the slurping sound of juicy oral fun can also enhance the sensual senses.

Dessert: Chocolate & Honey

Heat features: Both of these sweet kinky treats are sure to hit the pleasure points on your new or seasoned lover, whether poured over your body or dipped in fruit. Chocolate hits the same pleasure points of the brain that trigger orgasms and the darker the chocolate the richer the pleasure. Sweet sticky honey will keep your energy high and lover satisfied by dipping or mixing it with raspberries, chocolate shavings, arugula and more.

Shamar Says: Eating foods off the body is one of the number one ways to enjoy this sexy sweet combination. Just be aware of where you are placing the food and liquids. Always take care to ensure none of the honey, melted chocolate or any of these foods drips lower than it should go to avoid infection. Keep the wipes ready by the bed so you aren’t stuck together during the heated passion that follows.

Shamar Starks provides SIPS seminars in Atlanta and Savannah as well as private counsel to singles and couples that want to enhance their pleasure experience. To host a SIPS seminar or for more advice on how to keep it hot this summer, contact her at; new website coming soon.

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