Photography by GoDolphin

The Military Bunker Turned International Wine Museum Designed by Shanghai GoDolphin

When I think about my love of design and architecture, I know it stems from my love of history. When visiting a building that’s been around for some time, I get caught up in the details of who created it, when and why was it was built, and what it was used for. As someone who loves rich storytelling, I find the best stories are the ones that actually happened. I think that’s what first caught my attention when I came cross the Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Museum.

Designed by the Chinese-based wine lifestyle consulting and design firm, Shanghai GoDolphin, The SIWS Museum will leave you speechless. Tucked away in the Chenshan Botanical Gardens inside of a cave, GoDolphin created a stunning museum and winery in an abandoned military bunker that was built over 80 years ago. It was originally built for an ex-leader of the Republic of China named Chan Kai Chek. The bunker was used to store artillery as well as national treasures during war times. The bunker was intentionally placed there because of the cave’s internal fresh water lake.

The museum’s design is beautifully crafted. The use of unfinished cement brick walls and chandeliers, gives the space a very rich, but dark, minimalistic feel. I’m all for a museum that offers three of my favorite things: smart design, rich history and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. 

Image Source: designboom

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