The Truth About Bail Bonds

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Bail is an amount of money payable to a court in the state California that is used by the state as insurance against defendants absconding. The amount of bail money a defendant will have to pay large depends on the nature of the offense and the discretion of the judge. The amount may also be affected by the character if the defendant. The bail money will be returned to the defendant following successful court appearances. 

The difficulty is that many defendants can’t come up with the bail money at short notice. These are often large amounts of cash that are hard to come by, even when leaning on friends and family members. The result could be restrictions to the defendant’s freedom until the court is ready to take the case. For situations like this bail bond companies exist. 

A bail bond company, like Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, has the defendants best interests in mind. They act as a middle person between the defendant and court, putting up the money necessary to secure freedom for the defendant. Bail is essentially an insurance policy for the courts, meaning that bail bonds companies take some risk on your behalf. 

If you find yourself incarcerated and in need of bail you will want to read on. The infographic below gives you all the information needed to access bail bonds and secure your freedom. A bail bonds company like Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds understands the difficulty of your situation and makes the process of securing the necessary funds as simple and straightforward as possible.

mr nice guy bail bonds Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds

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