4 Things to Do In Camden, One of London’s Coolest Boroughs

Believe it or not, there is so much to do in Camden, UK! Did you know that Camden is known as the capital of music in the UK? Its vibrant music scene has a long history of being the playground of countless musical legends of punk, rock, and jazz music.  In addition to music, the lively area has many options when it comes to bars, restaurants, awesome street food, street art, shopping, and tours. If you’re planning a trip for 2021, you should definitely consider Camden!

Getting to Camden is easy with many railway and bus routes leading to the area from all parts of London. If you are looking for the best bus routes, you can check with Citymapper, or you can hail a cab, which is more expensive. 

Check out our suggestions for things to do in Camden.


1. Shop at Camden Market

Camden Market is a perfect place to visit in the weekend whether you are buying a few things or you are just going to look around. The Market is a collection of hundreds of stalls, shops and boutiques offering all kinds of wares from vintage clothing to antiques. There is also a collection of street food vendors offering lots of delicious eats and drinks. The world-famous Camden Market is the Mecca for vintage fashion lovers. The market is great for sightseeing. 


2. Check Out Live Music

Since Camden is considered the music hub of the UK, it is only right that you get a firsthand experience of the vibrant music scene. Although some of the live music venues remain closed, several others are open but with social distancing and other safety guidelines. Check out Electric Ballroom, KOKO, and the Underworld when you visit Camden this weekend. Many unpopular laidback live music venues offer an equally amazing live music experience. If you love jazz music, Blues Kitchen and Jazz Cafe are hosting top jazz musicians on the weekend.  


3. Go to a Camden Pub

Camden is home to many decent pubs, including some popular ones with eventful histories spanning decades like The Good Mixer, The Lock Tavern, or Hawley Arms where music legend Amy Winehouse was a frequent guest along with other popular names. These pubs as well as others offer a perfect mixture of London culture, music, and drinks. So if you are visiting Camden during the weekend, check a few pubs in the area. 


4. Try Your Hand At Crazy Golfing

 Here is an alternative fun thing to do if you are visiting Camden this weekend. The Plonk Golf crazy mini golf Camden venue features the Plonk signature design that screams excitement and fun! The venue is one of Plonk Golf’s best yet.

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